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Yesterday the Transport Expo was inaugurated in Guadalajara with 70,000 m2 of exhibition and 480 brands that make it the largest in AL.

Organized by the ANPACT that presides Miguel Elizalde, The exhibition, which will bring together more than 60,000 transporters and suppliers of the heavy vehicle industry, will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The sale of tractors, trucks and buses has improved after several lean years. In 2020, only 27,000 units were sold and 32,000 in 2021. Last year, 39,680 units were sold.

The low dynamics of the economy and the disruption of production chains hit, which fortunately has already been restored.

Hence, in 2023, in terms of activity, heavy vehicles are also experiencing a good moment.

Recently the INEGI of Graciela Marquez released the report in October. In the cumulative total, wholesale sales advanced 35.7%, reaching 44,785 units, and retail sales increased 34% with 42,704 vehicles.

On this occasion, domestic sales did accompany the positive production activity that grew 14% in the first 10 months, while exports increased 9%.

Since the country of Joe Biden It did not enter a recession and was also favored by the restoration of components. The Mexican heavy vehicle industry was favored, since 95% of exports go to the United States.

Here, the good numbers are explained by the repressed demand, which affected firms such as Kenworth of Alejandro Novoa, Freightliner Marcela Barreiro, Navistar Rafael Alvarenga or Isuzu Takashi Ichinose to name a few. The clientele had to follow and renew equipment.

But there is caution in the industry. It is estimated that perhaps in the first months of 2024 a certain inertia will be maintained, but as the elections approach it will fade due to uncertainty and the need to know what is coming to regain momentum.

At any rate, time to celebrate with numbers that will surpass the record figures of 2019.


In addition to electricity and gas, another factor that influences the attraction of nearshoring projects is urban infrastructure. So far, a good part of the investment has been captured by BC, Chihuahua, NL, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and some in Bajío. Edomex, however, has not been among those chosen. Obviously the overflowing insecurity that left Alfredo del Mazo does not help, but neither does the deterioration of avenues and streets in the entity. Juan Manuel Chaparro Vice President of Industrial Development of the Metalworking Sector of Canacintra points out that the state, with the contribution of 125 municipalities to the GDP, should be instrumental. It is not the case. Avenues and streets in industrial zones look like “war zones.” Many do not even have electricity. Neglect of the municipalities and the State now with Delfina Gomez. So impossible.


Although many analysts estimate that interest rates will begin to fall in the first quarter of 2024, lately there is no consensus due to the strength of the economy and the inflationary pressures that could arise. Carlos Capistran BofA is in that position and predicts that it would be until June, especially the rise in prices in services. Furthermore, we must not lose sight of SHCP’s deficit budget of Rogelio Ramírez de la O.


Yesterday the cycle of celebrations for the 80 years of the Ibero that he commands closed Luis Arriaga Valenzuela. For this purpose, the book “Eighty for Eighty” was presented, with testimonies from graduates of different generations of that school. The project was coordinated by Esperanza Bustillo Puenteteacher and coordinator of “Writers in Construction”.

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