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Marie Claire Aguilar, a resident of the Noche Buena neighborhood, in Benito Juárez, has been running behind the water delivery trucks for two weeks. Every two days, pay 120 pesos for two 20-liter jugs each one, for consumption and preparation of food at home. AND To bathe, he visits his father’s house, located in the Escandón neighborhood, in Miguel Hidalgo.

He will repeat this routine for the next two weeks because his colony receives water contaminated with some type of oil.. The emergency warranted The Army will move one of its water treatment plants to the mayor’s officeused in disasters such as hurricanes Alex or Otis.

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“I hadn’t bought jugs of water for many years. I had my filter, which is no longer useful because it became contaminated with water. My elbow hurts, because that’s why I invested in a filter, to save,” said Marie, who has already spent close to a thousand pesos on drinking water.

He assured that in your neighborhood the jugs sell out quickly. On Giorgia Street, in the Naples neighborhood, less than a mile from Marie Claire’s house, a Bonafont water seller He noted that since last week His sales have increased and he now has new clients.

Here in this building (in Giorgia) I was not selling and right now they are asking me for five or even 10 jugs per department.. Before I would just sell all the jugs until 6 or 7 in the afternoon, now at 3 or 4 I no longer have anything,” he said.

Verónica López lives in another neighborhood where the contaminated water reaches: Del Valle Centro. She is a specialist in the environment and sustainability, she completed a master’s degree on the subject in Germany, and although she has been avoiding bottled water and other single-use plastics for years, this emergency forced her to buy more than 33 bottles disposable.

You should use that water, at least in two weeks, to to drink, wash some dishes and keep your garden alive. If it should wash clothes or shower go to a friend’s housebut not daily.

tried to search 20 liter jugs of water at stores near your home. “They raised the price, they were very expensive, and I can’t spend much because I’m still out of work.”, he commented. That’s why he decided to go to the supermarket to buy more than 30 five- and one-liter jugs so he could drink, clean and water his plants. “I can’t afford to spend my money like that, much less for water.”

This week He requested one of the free jugs that are available in San Lorenzo Park, a few blocks from his house. To receive it, the capital government servants asked for the INE and the folio number that the Water System (Sacmex) assigned to the registered houses.However, his property has not been visited due to work saturation.

“I went for a jug, but they didn’t give it to me because Sacmex He hasn’t been to my house and I don’t have that sheet of paper, that’s why I keep buying bottled water,” he lamented.

Those jugs are filled by the Army, who takes the water from pipes sent by the Sacmex and cleans it in his plant. It can fill 25 containers per hour.

A daycare center located at Porfirio Díaz 94, in the Noche Buena neighborhood, began using jugs for washing hands, teeth and some food for the 40 boys and girls who care there.

“We are only using the water from the cistern for bathing.”. AND We are using almost 90 liters a day to wash hands, teeth and some foods.“We are trying to save and not touch the water in the cistern,” said a local teacher.

He also assured that Today the staff of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office will visit them to wash the cistern and fill it with clean pipe water. El Sol de México asked the mayor’s office how many cisterns they would wash, but they did not answer.

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On that same street, numerous restaurants and cafes keep their doors open, without any restriction or notice on the use of water from your pipes.

“We are only using jugs to drink and prepare drinks”said Regina, manager of a cafeteria in the area. The dishes, she commented, are washed with tap water because they have their own filter.

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