Netanyahu considers the agreement on the release of hostages the “correct decision” – El Sol de México

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahudeclared on Tuesday, before his government, that accepting a agreement for the release of kidnapped hostages by Hamas in the October 7 attack is “a complicated decision, but it is a correct decision.”

The American president Joe Biden contributed to “improving the framework that he proposed to them (…) to include more hostages at a lower cost,” Netanyahu declared at a meeting dedicated to the agreement.

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“The entire security apparatus fully supports him,” he added.

The hostage families demand Israel ask for the release of all those kidnapped. The Religious Zionist Party, a far-right party with representation in Netanyahu’s government, opposed the agreement, considering that it is “bad” for the security of the country, the hostages and the soldiers.

Two sources familiar with the negotiations explained to AFP that the tentative agreement would be based on the release of between “50 and 100” hostages in exchange for the release of 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, including women and children.

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The exchange would take place at a rate of “10” Israeli hostages a day against “30” Palestinian prisoners and would also include the food entry, medical assistance and fuel to Gaza, in addition to a “five-day humanitarian truce“.

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