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The government of the 4T announced that until now they are 48 people died after the passage of Otis for Acapulco and municipalities of Guerrero.

In response to a post, in the section “Who’s who in lies”, at the Morning conference National Palacethe head of the section, Ana Elizabeth García Vilchissaid that once the information was circulated, it was requested from the Attorney General’s Office of Guerrero and based on the death certificates “the official record is 48 deaths in Acapulco and the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez”.

He explained that the false information indicated that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador minimizes the events that occurred because it only reported 45 deceased after the passage of gusts of wind, landslides and the heavy rain that affected the Guerrero coast.

In response to this infodemic, they consulted with the local Prosecutor’s Office, which immediately denied the versions and emphasized that “there are no more deaths caused by Otis”.

He ruled out that the information about the supposed funeral homes has any basis, so he resorted to verifying and informing the population officially in the face of a “new storm of misinformation.”

Prior to that, President López Obrador lashed out again against the journalists and the owners of the media, Just to clarify, he said that his administration is prohibited from censorship, complaints or persecution against those who even dare to insult him.

“Freedom must be guaranteed, excesses are better than censorship,” he hoped that horizontal, circular dialogue and the right of reply will be resumed to raise the debate on what is happening in the country.

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He recalled that in recent weeks the National Electoral Institute He has no longer sanctioned him when he talks about the problems in the country and assured that he will continue talking about them at that conference, since by doing so he is only exercising his right to inform the people.


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