Olimpia Coral is chased, attacked and threatened by a group of men on the Huehuetla highway – El Sol de México

The activist Olimpia Coral Melo was persecuted, attacked and threatened by a group of men after offering a conference in the municipality of Huehuetla. These guys got upset after they asked one of them to He would not show his male sexual organ to go to the bathroom in public.

One of these men, He was already detained by the authorities, However, the elements indicated to the promoter of the Olympia Law that she will have to file your complaint to the municipality of Zacatlán. That is, almost two and a half hours away from where the event occurred.

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It was the night of this April 10, when Olimpia began doing a live broadcast. During the video, he explained that She entered a store where a group of men harassed her and her companions. Later, one of the men He took out his sexual organ to use the bathroom.

As he was exposed, Olimpia and the people who were next to him, They asked him not to show himself and this was the trigger for men to insult them, the They tried to get out of their truck and three cars followed them for a long stretch. Of the road.

Olimpia and her acquaintances continued driving until they saw a “security booth” and that was when They did the live broadcast on Facebook. In the recording he indicated that They had already called the emergency services to receive help.but the police elements had not arrived.

It was at this moment when one of the men came up to talk to them and offered an apology. because of the attitude of his friends. He even argued that his actions were because They were drunk and that he should forgive them.

The man told them to continue on their way, that they were no longer going to follow them and that There was no need to wait for the authorities.but Olimpia replied that they were afraid and that They would not move until someone arrived to protect them.

“They all ambushed me. “They tried to open my truck, I pulled the door and immediately locked it, they hit the windows, they hit my entire truck, they threw a bottle of beer they were drinking at me, they tried to get in through the sunroof,” story.

Almost an hour and a half later, the police arrived and arrested a manHowever, Olimpia will have to travel to Zacatlán to make the corresponding complaint.

Given this context, he asked all candidates for elected office to pay specific attention to the security of the most remote municipalities and also that they review the justice system, since, for her, it is inconceivable that they have to travel to another municipality to make a complaint.

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