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The State Attorney General’s Office confirmed the report of the disappearance of 12 people in the municipality of Taxco, Although so far the family members have not filed a formal complaint, the institution ex officio initiated an investigation file into this criminal act.

According to bulletin number 027 issued by the Prosecutor’s Office, The investigation into the disappearance of 12 people reached the authorities as far as the community of Huixtac where two cars and a motorcycle reported stolen were located but no indication of the 12 missing people, among whom are at least two officials and eight workers of the Municipal government.

The kidnapping of the municipality workers would have started last Tuesday in the vicinity of the municipal garbage dump, Well, six people disappeared that day and another 6 joined on Wednesday. For now it is unknown if there is any request to the government or their families as a form of rescue for this group of people.

The Prosecutor’s Office highlighted that due to this criminal news that circulated on social networks efforts were coordinated with the National Guard and the Mexican Army to deploy search actions in the municipality and surrounding towns.

“It was learned that in a home in the town of Huixtac there were armed men who apparently had people deprived of their liberty Therefore, personnel from the Ministerial Investigative Police, the Mexican Army and the National Guard came to verify said report, securing two cars and a motorcycle at the scene, all with reports of theft”, without any of the people stopping at that site. related to these vehicles.

“This institution reaffirms its commitment to the people of Guerrero to make timely optionss for locating missing persons and clarifying the facts,” the prosecutor’s office states in the bulletin.

It should be noted that This would not be the first time that a criminal group attacks municipal officials or workers. On June 21, the deputy director of Panteones, Jorge Hernández Brito, was shot to death, and days later three grenades were left at City Hall, an event that mobilized members of the Mexican Army.

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In this municipality also recently Journalists and their families were kidnapped and after a week of plagiarism they were released healthy. Those who did not have the same luck were two teachers who disappeared last week in this same municipality and were found executed, abandoned inside a car on Plateros Avenue.

The violence in the municipality of Taxco is presumed to be due to a confrontation between at least three criminal groups that maintain a dispute over the territory, these are La Familia Michoacana, the Tlacos and the Bandera.

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