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Parallel to the armed dispute waged by the so-called Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the Sinaloa Cartel in the region of the Sierra Madre and Frontera Comalapa on the line that separates Mexico from Guatemala, where cells of Central American mercenaries and Guatemalan soldiers intervene. who belonged to the “Kaibiles” special forces group, a war is also developing for the control of information where the manipulation of messages on the five main social media platforms is the norm to generate confusion without overlooking the seriousness of what happens in that region of the country.

Every day through WhatsApp, YouTube, X, Instagram and Facebook, there are stories about forced displacement of residents in rural communities in the area, which is a verified fact. There are also videos circulating of shootings with heavy caliber weapons, there are images of caravans of 20 to 30 vehicles that travel along dirt roads where residents cheer them, interrogations of individuals who look beaten and with signs of torture and who are assumed to be members of one of the the factions in dispute, where their captors issue death threats to police and municipal and state authorities whom they accuse of “favoring” the “enemies” of the group.

Part of the above are propaganda tactics taken from military manuals that have been used in Mexico for more than two decades, but that in the last five years have become more acute with the consolidation of social networks as the first means by which the population finds out and communicates. There are parallels with what happened in the first decade of this century in Tamaulipas, where the first objective of criminal groups was to control information after taking over the territories with the open complicity of local authorities. In Chiapas it has been documented how since Rutilio Escandón assumed the governorship in 2018, the process of social decomposition and insecurity accelerated, making it impossible to cover the information that was generated due to criminal harassment of the media and journalists.

At the beginning of this month, a bloody confrontation was reported in the vicinity of the Chicoasen dam in the municipality of Concordia. The residents’ version stated that there were at least 25 dead, information released by the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center. . The figure was refuted the next day in his morning speech by President López Obrador who assured that there were 10 deaths. He said nothing about what in this six-year term has become the norm for various criminal groups that, after shooting confrontations, take away their dead, so the official accounting does not rise.

The first weekend of April it was reported in local media that the commander of the 31st military zone based in Rancho Nuevo, Chiapas, had been ambushed along with a group of soldiers by CJNG frontmen who “spared his life.” Officially nothing was said about General Juvenal Cortés González. Beyond what happened in the municipality of El Parral, where one death was officially reported, the situation in Chiapas threatens to boil over in the middle of the electoral period.


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