Oxxo employee locks herself in the store for 8 days to protest dismissal – El Sol de México

Before the disagreement of various audits what they did to him where he was supposedly staying owe thousands of pesos to the company Oxxo, a commission agent of this chain of stores in Tampico, Tamaulipas, locked himself inside the branch in his charge for eight days to put pressure on the company to pay him according to the law.

The 2nd of April, convenience chain employees They told the commission agent that I owed nine thousand pesos, because according to an audit there was a lack of merchandise, a situation that The manager considered it incorrect and proposed another auditbut the company chose to fire her.

After 9 days locked in the store, the authorities arrive

The woman then claimed payment of his commissions and the severance pay for four employees; When the company refused, he decided to stay inside the store, which is located on the corner of Eucalipto and Avenida Hidalgo in the Altavista neighborhood. together with his employees as a form of pressure so that they were compensated according to the law.

However, according to official reports, on April 10 legal representatives of Oxxo arrived at the premises and They broke in, breaking the glass in the main doors to remove the employees and the commissioner, so the workers called 911 to report the intrusion, with members of the State Guard arriving to verify the facts.

The lawyer Carlos Larreón, who represents the commission agent Carmen A, mentioned that “The police only went so far as to call for mediation between the parties and point out that in response to the raid carried out by the legal representative of the company, a complaint was filed with the Public Ministry, but the commission agent cannot leave the store.

The Oxxo store is still closed

“They want to terminate the contract, but they have not done it legally, they claim that a notary came to present the rescission, but that document that the man mentions is not signed by the owner of the Oxxo chain, but by agreement of a person who does not prove to have powers.

For this reason, the commission agent refused to deliver, because that person did not have the authority“, said the legal defender.

From this day, the parties involved will enter into a negotiation so that the law is complied with regarding the termination of the contract of the commission agent and the settlement for the employees, maintaining the Oxxo branch in Tampico, Tamaulipas, where an employee lived, closed for the moment, until this situation is resolved.

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