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On the occasion of the celebrations for the 113th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in Mexico City, a security and road operation is already being prepared to protect the integrity of the attendees of the civic and military parade that will travel through the streets of the capital.

The parade will be led by the Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) who will have more than five thousand elements from different detachments who will join the parade, as well as 5,500 public servants and officials from 16 agencies who will also participate.

Given the influx of thousands of capital residents and tourists who will enjoy the holiday and witness the passage of the contingents, the Government of Mexico City is already preparing an extensive operation that will include security tasks to protect visitors, as well as traffic control in order to avoid road chaos.

What is the route of the parade for the 113th Anniversary of the Revolution?

The starting point of the civic and military parade will be at the Pino Suárez Metro station heading to the Zócalo; from there, will advance on Cinco de Mayo Avenue in the direction of the Central Axis and later to Juárez Avenue.

Already in this area of ​​Alameda Central the parade will continue its route joining Paseo de la Reforma avenue, there it will continue the route until the vicinity of Campo Marte, now in an area close to the Auditorio station of Metro Line 7.

Road alternatives for the Revolution parade

Some of the road alternatives before the parade will be: to the north, Axis 3 Oriente Francisco del Paso and Troncoso, the Bicentennial Circuit, the Peripheral Ring and Calzada de Chivatito-Arquímedes; to the south, Axis 3 East Francisco del Paso and Troncoso, Bicentenario Circuit, Peripheral Ring and Axis 1 East Beltway-La Viga; to the east, Puente de Alvarado and Ribera de San Cosme, Río de la Loza, Avenida Chapultepec, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier and Eje 1 Norte Rayón; to the west José María Izazaga y Rivera de San Cosme-Calzada México Tacuba.

What time does the parade start?

The start of the parade is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. this Monday. For its part, the Secretariat of Citizen Security will deploy 3,120 elements accompanied by 161 vehicles, three ambulances, 12 motorcycle patrols, 12 tow trucks and a helicopter, as well as 449 traffic personnel who will support the regulation of roads.

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