Pet Shop Boys and The Cure close Corona Capital 2023 with a flourish – El Sol de México

Pet Shop Boys and The Cure successfully close the thirteenth edition of Corona Capital 2023, bringing together 85,768 people this Sunday alone.

Punctually, at 10:00 p.m., the Corona Cero stage began to light up blue, while the screams were heard from the fans. The screens reflected black and white images, immediately, the composer and singer Neil Tennant came out on stage, accompanied by the keyboardist and composer Chris Lowe, both wearing masks that simulated a large “H”. The music began to play and the audience shook.

Songs like “It’s a Sin”, “Can you forgive her” and “Opportunities” were part of the beginning of an unmissable show, a show in which both gave themselves body and soul and with which they reviewed for more than four decades.

“Good night, Mexico. We are the Pet Shop Boys and tonight we will make your dreams come true, we are going to awaken that music that you have inside and the memories of yesteryear,” said Tennant.

It was not until the third song when the Pet Shop Boys took off their masks and welcomed their audience with a pleasant smile.

“Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)”, “So Hard” and “Rent” completed the setlist, however, many were just waiting for 10:40 p.m. to rush to the main stage Corona, where The Cure performed, a group led by Robert Smith and returning to the country after four years of absence.

The British band brought together thousands of attendees, many already wearing jackets, sweatshirts and even some with blankets due to the drop in temperature that was felt, however, that did not cause the attendees to leave, on the contrary, everyone was eager to start the show. .

“Pictures of you” and “High” were among the first to be heard. Although the musicians interacted little with the public, they were always grateful for the applause, attention and choruses to their songs.

“Thank you very much for being here, we are very happy to be back,” Smith said about the platform.

It was followed by “And nothing is forever”, “Lovesong”, “The walk” and “Close to me”.

It was a show of more than two hours, which left the fans who attended the Corona all three days very satisfied.

Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy each of the musical concepts and different proposals, such as that of The Chemical Brothers, for example, a duo also British, but of electronic music, made up of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons.

“Hey boy hey girl”, “Galvazine”, “Go” and “Let forever be” were part of the setlist they offered in Aztec lands.

Now we just wait for next year’s Corona Capital poster.

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