Pet Shop Boys says goodbye to CDMX with a show at the Metropolitan – El Sol de México

After appearing on the closing day of the Crown Capital, the british duo Pet Shop Boys went on stage Metropolitan Theater, and offer one last solo concert for his fans in Mexico City.

The exponents of synth pop, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowethey conquered the colony grounds Centerwith one more date of your tour Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live.

“Good night,” Tennant said in Spanish after starting the night with “Suburbia.”

“Can you forgive her?”, “Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)” and “Where the streets have no name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)” completed the introductory volley that fans greeted with energetic screams.

While the music of Pet Shop Boys impacted the ears of the attendees, the experience was complemented with a visual spectacle projected on vertical screens placed at the back of the stage, showing colors and animations that simulated movements in all directions.

The setlist continued with “Rent”, and “Left to my own devices”, for which Tennant paused and left the scene to go change his outfit. Once back with the band, Pet Shop Boys continued to captivate with the percussion of “Se a Vida E (That’s the way life is).” “Thank you very much Mexico,” the vocalist told the audience.

With the show advanced, the seats in the Metropolitan They were increasingly unnecessary, since while standing the fans let themselves be carried away by the party atmosphere to dance to the rhythm of the most emblematic songs in the repertoire.

Calm appeared in the room thanks to the rhythm of “Jealousy”followed by “Love comes quickly” and “Always on my mind”one of the most sung songs of the night, which left the expectation at its maximum so that the hits continued making every corner of the room vibrate. Metropolitan.

The visual spectacle intensified with “Heart”, for which the leader of the group wore his third outfit, characterized by a silver trench coat that reflected the lights of the theater. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe They continued to give themselves to their audience with an energy that after forty years of being in the music scene still looks intact.

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“What Have I Done To Deserve This”, “It’s Alright” and “Go West” They changed the color palettes of the lighting, while the fans accompanied them with clapping. “Amazing!” Tennant shouted, expressing his amazement at seeing such a passionate audience.

“It’s a sin”, “West end girls” and “Being boring” concluded the concert that marked the return of Pet Shop Boys to the Mexico City after five years of absence.

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