[Podcast] The keys to the world | Separatism comes to power in Spain, led by Sánchez – El Sol de México


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The socialist Pedro Sánchez was re-elected as president of the Spanish Government by Congress after promising a controversial amnesty law to Catalan independentists that has earned him discontent in the streets and harsh accusations from the right-wing opposition.

What seems to put an end to a political crisis with the formation of a government in Spain, the new concessions to the Catalan independentists open a new internal front in the European country for what they consider a violation of the rule of law and “political corruption.” .

In this episode of The keys to the worldVíctor Hugo Rico and Jair Soto delve into what lies ahead for the country with an agreement that will forget the criminal convictions against the secessionists of 2017 and the fiscal openings only for select regions.


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