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The president of Argentina Alberto Fernandezthis Sunday avoided congratulating the libertarian candidate by name, Javier Milei, although he recognized the “popular verdict” that elected the leader of Freedom Advances (far-right) and wanted to begin “an orderly transition” with who will be his successor.

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“I trust that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition,” the president wrote on his X social network account.

For his part, the President of Brazil Lula da Silva, He wished “good luck and success” to the new Argentine government in a message on his social networks in which he recognized that “democracy is the voice of the people.”

“Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect,” wrote Lula, who during the campaign in Argentina was branded by Milei as a “communist” and corrupt,” adding that “Brazil will always be available to work with our Argentine brothers.” .

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The former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, celebrated the triumph of Javier Milei in the second round of the elections and affirmed that “hope shines again in South America.”

In a message published on social networks, Bolsonaro expressed his wish that “those good winds reach the United States and Brazil, so that honesty, progress and freedom return for everyone.”

On the other hand, the government of Peru expressed “warm congratulations” and wished success to the far-right Javier Mileiwho won this Sunday the elections in Argentina against the Peronist Sergio Massa.

“Peru expresses its warm congratulations to Milei on his election as President of the Argentine Republic. By wishing him the greatest success in his administration, it renews its commitment to continue strengthening the historic ties of friendship and cooperation that unite our countries,” indicated the Peruvian Presidency in its account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The Chilean presidentGabriel Boricgreeted the elected president of Argentina and expressed his willingness to “collaborate” with the new Government.

“I salute Javier Milei for his victory and Sergio Massa for his worthy recognition of defeat. I wish the Argentine people the best and know that they will always have our respect and support,” the president wrote in a message he published online. social

Boric, who highlighted the “democratic day” that Argentina experienced, added: “As president of Chile I will work tirelessly to keep our sister nations united and collaborating for the well-being of all.”

He outgoing president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lassocongratulated Javier Milei and wished him success in his management and highlighted that it is good news for the region.

“The Argentines have elected Javier Milei as their new president in a democratic process. The Government of Ecuador congratulates the elected President and wishes him the greatest success, so that he can resolve the pressing problems of his country and make the most appropriate decisions. that improve the quality of life of Argentines,” Lasso wrote. “Congratulations to the democracies of Latin America,” he stressed.

He former president of the United States Donald Trump For his part, he declared himself “proud” of his victory in the Argentine elections.

“Congratulations to Javier Milei for a great election as president of Argentina. The whole world was watching you! I am very proud of you,” the Republican expressed on social networks.

“You will turn your country around and make Argentina great again!” added Trump, who aspires to be the Republican candidate in next year’s US presidential election.

On the business side, the tycoon Elon Muskowner of X (formerly Twitter), Tesla and Spaceship, today joined the people who congratulated the victory in the Argentine presidential elections.

In one of his response tweets to another celebrating Milei’s victory, Musk wrote on his own X account: “Argentina has prosperity ahead.”

The six largest business entities in Argentina also congratulated Javier Milei for his victory and expressed their willingness to work together with the Government, which will begin on December 10.

The members of the so-called Group of Six (G6) They stated in a statement that they “greet and congratulate the president-elect and express their willingness to work together on solutions to the problems posed by the country’s development.”

“From the G6 we advocate dialogue as a fundamental tool to overcome the difficulties that Argentina faces,” adds the statement signed by the Argentine Chamber of Construction, the Argentine Rural Society, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC)the Association of Argentine Banks, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the Argentine Industrial Union.

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The election day registered a 76.37 percent participation rate, the second lowest in history after the 76.2 percent in 2007, when the Peronist Cristina Fernández won and began the first of her two terms.

With 96.75 percent counted, Milei obtained 55.77 percent of votes compared to 44.22 percent for Massa, who acknowledged defeat before the official data was known.


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