Pyramid at the end of the world: abandoned anti-missile complex in the United States that looks like a Mayan pyramid – El Sol de México

The Cold War It was a historical period marked by political conflict between United States and the former Soviet Union (USSR)between 1947 and 1991 and part of the nuclear defense that the North American country had to cope with it was based on the Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Complex (SRMSC, for its acronym in English).

This complex was built in April 1970 in the city of Nekomain the state of North Dakota and its main structure was based on a pyramid concrete that was intended to protect the Grand Forks Air Force Base missile range from a possible Soviet missile attack.

Due to its peculiar shape, the SRMSC was also named “End of the world pyramid“, as it was also characterized by its walls almost one meter thick and has also been widely compared to the Mayan pyramids of southern Mexico.

What was the goal of the Pyramid at the end of the world?

The SRMSC site controlled 30 anti-ballistic missiles that could be launched in case of attack. This meant that if the soviet missiles were aimed at Nekoma, the defensive missiles would destroy the incoming Soviet missiles. Of course, everything else in the area would also be destroyed.

The installation of the End of the world pyramid It came into operation in April 1975 and remained in operation for eight months. By October 1975, Congress voted to deactivate the Safeguard Complex. A short time later the missiles and equipment were removed.

Many of the smaller buildings were removed, but the pyramid concrete with its one meter thick walls and supporting towers remain in the landscape of the city of Nekoma as a reminder of what was the Cold War.

In 2022, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum signed an agreement for the Bitzero company to acquire and rebuild the End of the world pyramid.

Bitzero plans to convert abandoned military installation from the era of Cold War in a highly secure data center for high-performance computing and data processing.

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