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Without a doubt the night of the Latin Grammy 2023 celebrated in Sevilla Spainwas a complete success, not only because it was dedicated to Laura Pausini, also for the “indirect” that occurred between two of the most important stars of the moment, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro.

Although there is a great possibility that everything is a big coincidence, the actions of both stars, who broke up last July after three years of relationship, suggest that they both took advantage of the night to launch some “darts”.

Very direct hints

The first to come out, and inaugurate the stage of the Latin Grammy 2023 was Rosalíawho played “Our love broke” of Rocío Juradoa song that addresses the topic of heartbreak.

The “motomami” decided to make some changes to the lyrics, in the part where it says “Our love broke from using it so much“, Rosalia singing: “Our love broke from using it or not using it so much“, and then added: “Love didn’t last long”which caused everyone to turn to look at Rauw Alejandrowho was accompanied by his mother at all times.

For its part, Rauw Alejandro interpreted “He went away” of Laura Pausini and whose lyrics were also modified, For Rosalía? In the part that says “He left and my life with him left me”, Rauw changed the article to “she” , “She left and my life with her left me,” which made everyone think that the song was dedicated to “motomami.”

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After the breakup of the couple, who had even gotten engaged, many have speculated that Rosalía and Alejandro Rauw They could come back and they both miss each other. Between songs and hints, fans wish that love would return to both of them; However, neither of them has commented on their love situation.

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