Reduction of working hours: Open Parliament will release conclusions on the initiative – El Sol de México

The reduction of the working day from 48 to 40 hours advance in itto Chamber of Deputies, tomorrow the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) will deliver to the Constitutional Points Commissionand this in turn will deliver to the Board of Directorsthe conclusions of the parliaments open where the business sector, specialists, and legislators They presented their arguments to support or reject the modification.

In an interview with El Sol de México, the Deputy Susana Prieto Terrazaspromoter of the initiative, explained that the delivery of the conclusions of the parliaments is the first step to define the date of the discussion of the Reduction of the working day in it Plenary of San Lázaro and represents an important advance.

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“Tomorrow they are going to pass through part of the Political Coordination Board the conclusions of the parliaments open to Constitutional Points Commission and then the Commission is in charge of telling the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputieswhere the opinion is now, let the legislative process continue, which is to pass it to the Plenary Hall,” he said.

Susana Prieto He said that the businessmen agreed during the parliaments that the workday gradually so as not to affect the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and as an example they gave the case of Chile, where a period of five years was given to reduce employees’ working hours, however, they said that there is no point of comparison between Chile and Mexico because of the size of their economies.

“The economy of Chili has nothing to do with Mexicowe are the United States’ main trading partner and its neighbor, so it seems to me that establishing the comparison of the way of implementation of reduction of weekly hours comparing ourselves with Chili Well, that is not what is appropriate in this case,” he indicated.

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He added that the businessmen they did not bring experts to the open parliaments and they did not present arguments to support their refusal to approve the reformbeyond the costs that could represent the implementationwhich he said will fluctuate between 10 and 15 percent,

Given the possibility of modifying the opinion to establish the gradual nature of the reduction, the promoter of the initiative asserted that it was not will supportbecause he said that it is urgent to improve the conditions of the workers and because there is no reason for it to be gradual.

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