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Democracy does not end with electoral results. Accountability on the part of rulers is the most important thing. Communicating daily through messages on socio-digital networks, press conferences and interviews are mechanisms to verify that electoral promises are fulfilled; However, saliva is not enough to govern; since reality is the only counterweight to political speeches. But better let’s go in parts:

Electoral polls are an instrument to show the popularity of the candidates; Although being popular doesn’t always mean you’re the best. In these weeks, different state leaders and mayors of CDMX have communicated their government reports, in some cases, as a preamble to start their electoral campaigns to compete for a new elected position.

For example, in alternate realities, there are leaders who, despite being questioned with data generated by their own administration; They respond to their critics, when the information does not favor them, that they have other information; They even have the ability to talk for more than 120 minutes without drinking a single drop of water; and there is the sign that they have plenty of saliva, but what they lack is arguments, since they are overwhelmed. It’s not about improvising, but about planning.

Other characters have achieved the unthinkable in territories characterized by social protests. For example, when one visited the land of presidents Porfirio Díaz and Benito Juárez, the most normal thing was to observe that hundreds of people remained in camps on the public esplanades. Alejandro Murat’s legacy was the constant confrontations in the streets.

This week in that entity, the current president and spokesperson for the Oaxacan spring constantly repeated the following messages within the framework of his first government report: “With work, this government is transforming the history of Oaxaca.” In a content analysis of his speech on Wednesday, November 15, Salomón Jara mentioned the words: Transform, results, investment, deliveries, construction, implementation, etc.

In his speech, he highlights a trans-exennial project for all of Mexico, the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. According to Giovanni Vázquez, Legal Counsel of the Government of the State of Oaxaca, it will be consolidated in 25 years, where, say those who know, raw materials will enter and merchandise will leave, with a strategic location for the world, which will make Bajío compete and the northern border with the south of the country; and it is estimated that it will contribute 5% of GDP.

Almost finished, Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo in Imaginary Citizens He says we need them to demand accountability. This process should not only be exercised in elections; but it is a daily task; How to question the authorities. What is the destination of budget resources? Democracy is not only splashed with saliva in the speeches of rulers, since rhetoric and the use of marketing try to disguise reality; however, it has been shown that the truth cannot be hidden from citizens. Although there are exceptions, such as Oaxaca, where they are moving to the left and free upper secondary education will soon be implemented throughout the state. At the time.

Political communicator, academic at FCPyS UNAM and Master in Political Journalism @gersonmecalco

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