Samuel García is a crafty young politician, says Mario Delgado – El Sol de México

Mario Delgadonational leader of Morena, accused that Samuel Garcia, Citizen Movement pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republicdoes not represent a new policy because he is a “crafty young politician” who did not keep his promise of not leaving the governorship of Nuevo León to seek another position.

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At a press conference, the Morenista leader described the pre-campaign advertising of Samuel Garcia in which he presents himself as young, since he said that being so does not exempt him from having “old tricks” and “representing the worst of the old politics.”

“What is the new politics that he represents? He is a young old crafty politician. What is the new policy? the one that promotes the fourth transformation,” said Delgado to a specific question about the Emecista candidate.

Mario Delgado showed the video in which Samuel Garcia He promised to serve as governor of Nuevo León for six years and not be distracted by seeking the presidency like Jaime Rodríguez “El Bronco” did, and accused him of not having a word.

“He says he wants to defeat (the old policy) but he acts like a politician without a word, if you don’t have a word you don’t have moral authority,” he said.

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Mario Delgado He also attacked Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, national leader of the PRI, and the leaders of the other parties that make up the Broad Front for Mexico (PAN and PRD), who he said are entangled in the fight for the loot that the candidates represent and that has caused that PRI members like Adrán Rubalcava, mayor of Cuajimalpa, resign from the party due to the imposition of the PAN member Santiago Taboada in the opposition candidacy for the Head of Government of Mexico City.

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