San Marcos Fair 2024: a man is murdered on the second day of the festival – El Sol de México

During the early morning of the second day of the San Marcos Fair 2024in Aguascalientes, A man was attacked and murdered on the perimeter of the festivalbecause he allegedly tried to assault a group of subjects.

The event took place minutes before 4:00 a.m. on Second Private Ignacio T. Chávez corner with Ayuntamiento Avenue, in the El Obraj neighborhood.

There are two versions registered by El Sol del Centro; lThe first indicates that the deceased, along with another subjectthey tried to assault a man dressed in “cowboy”but five of his friends came up to defend him and attack the alleged criminalsthe same ones who tried to escape.

One of the alleged assailants entered the private property in question, but was overtaken by the friends of the alleged victim., who apparently hit him with an object and then attacked him with a White weapon. The group of subjects tried to flee, but they were caught by municipal police.

Another preliminary version states that both groups began to make up of words and of these they went to blows, which caused the man’s death.

So far the authorities have not issued statements about the homicide.

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