Sandra Cuevas defends herself against suspension as mayor – El Sol de México

El Sol de México confirmed that Sandra Cuevas was notified a week ago about the suspension, according to the registry of sanctioned public servants of the Comptroller’s Office of Mexico City. The internal control body of Cuauhtémoc resolved in the file OIC/CUA/D/565/2021 that The suspension began on October 27 for a period of 30 days without financial punishment.

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But Cuevas took refuge. He presented his claim on November 9, as recorded in file 1720/2023, and yesterday the Eighth District Court in Administrative Matters granted it.

Neither the Comptroller’s Office nor the mayor have confirmed the reason why the suspension process began.

“The Judicial Branch of the Federation granted an injunction against the resolution of the Comptroller’s Office of Mexico City, thereby annulling the 30-day temporary suspension that was intended to be applied against Sandra Cuevas as Mayor of Cuauhtémoc,” explained the mayor’s team.

The protection is against acts of the Congress of Mexico City, of the head of the Head of Government of Mexico City, of the head of the Secretariat of the Comptroller General and the head of the Internal Control Body in Cuauhtémoc

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Cuevas will face two hearings. One on November 24 at 10:15 for both parties to present their evidence

And on January 25 of next year at 10:00 a.m. the constitutional hearing will be held to vent Cuevas’ complaint against Congress, the head of Government, the comptroller and the internal control body.

In accordance with the protection, these authorities must present within a period of 15 days and eight days before this hearing a justified report on the suspension of Cuevas or else they will be fined 10,374 pesos.

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“The Head of the Internal Control Body in Cuauhtémoc is required to send a certified copy of the file within a period of 10 days from when the notification of this agreement takes effect, being warned that if he does not do so, he will be subject to fine of 50 times the current Unit of Measurement and Update,” adds the protection.

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