Searchers from Tamaulipas regret dehumanizing speech against groups – El Sol de México

He March 10 Collectivefocused on the search for people, lament he “urgent and insensitive speech from the authorities with dehumanizing adjectivesagainst the search groups “to evade their responsibilities.”

The civil association, focused on the search for missing people in Tamaulipas, considered that they are the same authorities the guilty of the errors that search mothers could make during the search days, since the Tracking missing persons is the task of the State and not of families.

This week, Ceci Floresleader of the Sonora Seeking Mothers collective, announced on her social networks the finding of a alleged clandestine crematorium on the limits of the Tláhuac and Iztapalapa municipalities, in Mexico City.

The Sonoran woman pointed out that at the site she found bones, ashes, remains of clothing and identification of people and immediately assumed that they were human remains. Questioned in his morning conference, yesterday president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He suggested that It was a lie.

According to Prosecutor’s Office General of Justice of the Mexico Citywhich in a single day issued a ruling on the alleged clandestine crematorium, the remains They do not belong to people, but to animals.

What did AMLO say about the alleged clandestine crematorium that Ceci Flores found?

This morning AMLO accused that the search mother “trafficks with the pain of others “searching mothers” and pointed out that she belonged to the “conservative bloc.” For his part, the head of the capital’s government, Marti Batresadded in the accusation that it was a mounting.

He Tamaulipas collective He pointed out that it is valid to have different ways of thinking and acting. However, he pointed out that the I respect between authorities and search groups.

Colleagues must think before acting because certain procedural errors when presenting the findings, although involuntary and without fraud, can lead to the Chain of Custody being violated and the work of all groups being discredited.Collective March 10.

In a statement on social networks, the 10 de Marzo Collective added that the search organizations must be driven with transparency in donations, financing and tax compliance, as well as “with a humanitarian mission” and with the accompaniment of specialized authorities.

“But also with the political forces with the possibility of not only integrating them into our agendas, but trying to engage them all,” he concluded.

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