Senate goes to empower the President to grant amnesties without restrictions – El Sol de México

The United Commissions of Justice and Legislative Studies Second, yesterday they approved a opinion to add to the Amnesty Law an article that grants the President of the Republic the power to “grant the benefit of amnesty directly, without being subject to the established procedure.”

The initiative was proposed last April 3 for him coordinator of the bench morenista, Ricardo Monrealwith the back of 15 legislators from his party.

The document published in the Senate Gazette establishes that at Amnesty Law The ninth article is added so that the head of the federal Executive can grant amnesties to people who help with useful items to know the truth of the facts in cases that are relevant to the State.

Add that The amnesty will be applicable to any person or persons that they have received judgment or are processed for any crime.

With these conditions, the initiative points out, the second article of the Amnesty Law would become inapplicable. Said article clarifies that “the benefit of this Law will not be granted to those who have committed crimes against life or bodily integrity (…) nor to those who have committed the kidnapping crimeor when have used firearms in the commission of the crime”.

“Persons accused of the crimes referred to in Article 19 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, or who have committed other crimes, may also not benefit. serious federal crimes“, specifies the second article.

Meanwhile, the reform initiative adds that the amnesties granted for him President are accompanied by exoneration of crimessince will extinguish the Actions criminal and sanctions imposed on people.

This means that the initiative proposed by Monreal Ávila and approved yesterday by commissionswould provide the President of the Republic with the power to exempt any person from their criminal sentences or proceedingsregardless of the gravity of the crimes.

Montreal He justified the proposal because there are currently several events “that have left a deep wound in Mexican society and there may be people who have relevant and verifiable contributions to clarifying the facts and thereby reaching the truth.”

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During the discussion in the Second United Commissions of Justice and Legislative Studies, the Morenista senator Olga Sánchez Cordero considered that the project background is to seek the truth and implement transitional justice.

In contrast, PAN member Damián Zepeda accused that the first president cannot be exclusively given supraconstitutional powers; “I don’t want a country where the President is a demigod,” he remarked.

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