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Shakira continues to release part of the problems with the Spanish treasury that grew like a snowball since his relationship with Gerard Piqué and his residence in Spain.

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Last Monday, the colombian reached an agreement after attending a audience in a spanish court where she would be judged fiscal fraudhowever, Shakira and his legal defense They offered to pay the fine of 7.8 million eurosto avoid going to prison.

Shakira said before a judge who accepted the charges and decided to pay the exorbitant amount to give to his children peace and securityfaced with the possibility of being involved in more legal matters.

“My children “They have asked me, and I have made this decision for them,” Shakira said.

It would have been better for Shakira to fall in love with Sergio Ramos than with Piqué

Pau Molins, one of Shakira’s lawyershas enlivened the negative comments against Piquébecause during a statement to “The mon to RAC1”assured that Shakira it was expensive fell in love of Gerard Piqué and it would have been better for him to relate to the footballer Sergio RamosAs reported The vanguard.

“Shakira’s love It has cost him 120 million euros. If she had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos And not from Pique It would have been much cheaper,” said Molins.

He lawyer insisted that Shakira is innocent since during his stay in Spain He toured 74 countries, so he let it be known that he did not have a definitive residence.

“It is a complicated issue with world artists. Where do they work if they are flying all day? It is difficult to determine where to pay your taxes“Pau added.

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Molins He also criticized the Spanish system and highlighted the disparity in the laws from one region to another.

“So much so that they fill their mouths with equality of the Spanish… If you are a resident in Catalonia you can go to prison for crime that it is impossible for the same thing to happen in Madridbecause there is no tax of heritage“, he stated.

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