Sicario was killed during a shootout in Ocotlán, reported Enrique Alfaro – El Sol de México

The shooting and blockades that occurred on Thursday in the municipality of Ocotlán ended with the criminal killed, as reported by Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez during the meeting of the Security Cabinet that took place this Friday morning at Casa Jalisco.

The state leader explained that the blockades and attacks on federal and state forces were a reaction to an interinstitutional operation that has been carried out for several days in the Ciénega region.

“After the attack there was an alleged criminal killed and a member of the National Guard injured who is being treated in Guadalajara. The Mexican Army is coordinating an inter-institutional operation that began on Wednesday and will continue for the next few days. As a reaction to this operation, yesterday criminals attacked personnel from the National Guard, the Armed Forces and the State Police, creating blockades to try to escape,” reported Alfaro Ramírez.

The state president pointed out that this Friday activities will resume in the municipality of Ocotlán, and he also asked the population not to pay attention to rumors on social networks and follow official information.

“We know that what happened generated fear and concern in the population, but it is important that people listen to official information, not rumors, and we will be reporting anything that is necessary.”

The state president added that the presence of the authorities of the three levels of government will be maintained to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of this region, in addition to coordination with the authorities of Michoacán.

“The operation in the region has been reinforced by the three levels of government to find those responsible for these events. We are also strengthening our presence on the borders with the state of Michoacán. “We are not going to slack off in our fight to regain peace and tranquility,” he stated.

Shortly before noon this Thursday, an inter-institutional convoy was circulating on Miguel Hidalgo Avenue, in the municipal capital, and almost simultaneously, a group of subjects opened fire on the official units, so the attack was immediately repelled.

The attackers were in one of the monster-type vehicles with artisanal armor, sparking the confrontation near 20 de Noviembre Street in the capital of Ocotlán.

There were dozens of gunshots that the inhabitants managed to hear several blocks around, so residents of that town in the Ciénega region, located 89 kilometers away from the Center of Guadalajara, chose to take shelter in their homes.

As a result of the confrontation, a National Guard officer was injured, so she was taken by state police to a hospital to receive treatment. The perpetrators who were aboard the vehicle with handmade armor, as well as a white Suburban and motorcycles, escaped.

Just a few minutes passed when cargo vehicles began to be reported stolen and crossed on the Santa Rosa-La Barca highway, near Atequiza, to prevent the attackers from being followed by the authorities. The helicopter of the State Security Secretariat appeared in the area to search for them by air.

Police from the various neighboring police corporations and the Mexican Army came to support.

On 20 de Noviembre Street, a state police van was left with gunshot wounds caused by the aggressors during the confrontation.

The blockages

After the confrontation, four blockades were recorded at different points, as confirmed by the State Security Secretariat in a statement. One at the entrance to the municipality. Another on Avenida Universidad 2000 and Calle Melchor Ocampo, in the Center of Ocotlán; and one more cement blob obstructing the road; these were not burned.

A trailer was set on fire on Revolución Street, between the Santa Rosa-La Barca highway and San Pedro, in the El Rodeo neighborhood of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.

These events generated fear among the population, which is why as a preventive measure, some businesses decided to close their doors to avoid incidents resulting from the blockades and on social networks they have announced the closure to their customers.

Around 2:20 p.m., the Strategic Coordinator of State Security, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben, confirmed that the situation was already under control.

The municipalities reached by this deployment were Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Poncitlán, Ocotlán, Jamay and la Barca.

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