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Three months after the registration of Mexicans for vote in the elections of 2024 from abroad closes, 36,810 nationals have registered in the Nominal List of Voters Resident Abroad (LNE-Foreign), which represents an advance of just six percent of the 603,543 with valid voter credentials, according to official information from the National Electoral Institute (INE). The figure is equivalent to less than half of the people that can fit in the Azteca Stadium, whose capacity is 83,264 people.

For the choice of 2024, the largest to be held in the history of the country, nationals who live outside of Mexico have until next February 20 to register for the LNE-Foreign and be able to vote.

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For the first time, these compatriots will be able to do so in three ways: electronically by Internetvia postal service – with which the vote from abroad – and in person at 24 consulates that will be enabled in the United States, Canada, France and Spain. In the presidential election In 2012, only 59,115 voted from around the world and in 2018 there were 98,470, which represents less than 0.09 percent of the votes counted in Mexico in those two elections.

In the opinion of Francisco Javier Jiménez, UNAM expert in processes electoralthere are multiple factors that explain the low registration of Mexicans so far to vote next year, but the most important is that there is still a culture of participation electoral-politics very low. “Many of the Mexicans who live outside the country have never exercised their right to vote in Mexico and have not wanted to exercise it in other countries either, and when someone quickly establishes roots in another place, they begin to be interested in what is happening there and are not in their country of origin,” he said.

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Another of the important factors for almost half of the Mexican voters who live in the United States, according to the expert, is their immigration status, since there is a natural reservation to carry out procedures that can reveal that condition.

“To register as a voter, the INE asks Mexicans abroad to show proof of address, which can be seen as a risk among undocumented Mexicans,” he explained in an interview with El Sol de México.

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