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The authorities of South Korea They threatened this Tuesday with suspend the 2018 inter-Korean treatywhich led to a reduction in tension on the Korean peninsula, if the authorities of North Korea they continue with their plan to launch a military satellite in the coming days.

The South Korean presidency has suggested in a statement that it could end said pact, so that talks between the two Koreas would be partially or totally suspended, as well as security relations.

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The words of the president of South KoreaYoon Suk Yeol, have arrived shortly after the japanese authorities said they had been notified of the plan Pyongyang to launch the satelite next December 1 in its third attempt to launch a military device of this type.

“We can take measures in line with that clause (…), and since the type of provocation that North Korea will incur has not yet been decided, depending on the type and scale of the provocation we will have to decide the scope and details of the necessary measures in relation to the agreement,” said Yoon, who is on a state visit to the United Kingdom and has made reference to the Development Law of the Inter-Korean Relations.

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The agreement, signed on September 19, 2018 under the administration of the former president Moon Jae Inurges stop all hostile military activity between the two Koreasestablish maritime security zones and convert the Demilitarized Zone into a zone of peaceamong other issues.

Nevertheless, Seoul has accused Pyongyang of “unilaterally and consistently violating” the pact for “a long time”, which limits South Korea’s defense options against threats from the neighboring country, according to information collected by the Yonhap news agency.

This same Tuesday, the special envoys for South Korean nuclear issues, USA and Japan They addressed the issue during a telephone conversation hours after Tokyo was notified of the plan to launch the spy satellite.

Kim GunnSouth Korea’s special representative for Peace and Security Affairs on the Korean Peninsula, has discussed possible options with the US representative, Jung Pak, and the Japanese representative, Hiroyuki Namazu, to find ways to “coordinate joint response“, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

In addition, they have asked North Korea to cancel the launch that is scheduled for the use of ballistic technology.

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For his part, the South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lim Soo Suk, stated that the plan has been announced “despite repeated warnings from the international community” and has warned that the launch is a “clear violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council” and “is not justified under any pretext.”

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