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“Stop enemy that he heart of Jesus is with me, but there are not even enemies, they are adversaries. “I don’t have enemies, nor do I want to have them,” he said. Andrés Manuel López Obrador while showing some religious stamps.

Those who saw that morning conference were surprised, not only because the Chief Executive Mexican was talking like a religious ministerbut because of the context: it was March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic due to Covid-19.

While the world debated how to contain the spread of coronavirushe president of Mexico He claimed that it was a moral question.

“The protective shield is the honesty. That is what protects, not allowing corruption”he said that same day. By the way, Lopez Obrador He got sick twice.

George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Adolf Hitler are some of the international politicians who resorted to this type of supernatural aid to govern.

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“But this president (López Obrador) has done it, he has done ritualsdozens of times he has done rreferences to the bible already Jesus Christ for this to support your message and with evidently political and electoral contexts”Joseph said. Gil Olmosauthor of the book The shepherd of masses. AMLO: a populist religion.

The ambition of power

Since the first civilizations, the religion and the rituals around them have as great an influence on the powerful as the weapons or money. Egypt, Greece, Mesoamericathere is no time or region that is exempt from the influence of the divine designs among the powerful, including the 21st century.

“There is a historical and universal relationship (between power and religion) by that I mean that it has a long time, cycles and that it is also in all countries, it has nothing to do with developed countries or with ignorant peoples, but it is universal how has been linked magical thinking, esotericism, witchcraft or whatever you want to call it (…) with the politicians They are people who make decisions, people who make decisions. can and that makes decisions that have implications for many people,” said Gil Olmos.

If in the Middle Ages the power came from Papal Ringcurrently the security of politicians It does not necessarily come from the polls or the consensus with the others political forces.

The specialist in the relationship mystical with the politicians He explained that having a high-level position requires security, and on more than one occasion, they have resorted to rituals outside of commercial religions.

Since the first civilizations, religion and the rituals around it have had as great an influence on the powerful as weapons or money.

The ambition for powerr, search in the magical thinking a handle to achieve it to conquer it to have it. We see how these characters do it (rituals). In other countries there are also this type of characters who, with their spiritual or esoteric accessories They make decisions.”

George Bush, Ronald Reagan or Adolf Hitler are some of the politicians at international level who resorted to this type of supernatural aids to govern.

For example, the wife of Ronald ReaganNancy, had a calendar in which she marked the days in which her husband, the most powerful man in the world, had to make decisions, regardless of junctures either emergencies.

The same George Bushwho for his strategies in the first Gulf War resorted to a astrologer to win the conflict. And of hitlerhistorical versions indicate that the Nazi leader had a library of esotericismideas that influenced his mandate and management of the strategy during the Second World War.

In Mexico, one of the best-known cases is that of Francisco I. Madero. He apostle of democracy was a medium recognized and even certified, since at the beginning of the 20th century the spiritism It fell within the certified sciences. There is even a book edited by Porrúa which compiles all the letters that the former president of Mexico as spiritualist.

Log influences the great movement that was the Mexican Revolutionwe see how this great change in the country also had a influence of this type of beliefs. I see that it is clearly linked to the history of the country. That is one case, the other very clear case was his own Plutarco Elías Calles, the general, not the leader. He was spiritualist“He held the same meetings to be able to make important decisions,” commented Gil Olmos.

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The rituals of the 4T

On his first day in office, Lopez Obrador received andthe baton of command of 68 indigenous peoples. In the most important public square in the country, the acting president of Mexico underwent a clean and the staff that made him the leader of indigenous peoples.

This same cane was the one that the president gave to Claudia Sheinabum a few weeks ago, in symbol that now she (virtual Morena candidate for president) is the new leader of the indigenous peoples.

“With pride and commitmentwith modestybut with the full responsibility of continuing the course set by our people, that of the transformation that the president has started AMLO. Rest assured, I will rise to the occasion, that we will walk together in unity and that I will never betray the desire to continue building a Mexico even more just, fraternal, sovereign, free and democratic”he said that day Sheinbaum.

The problem with López Obrador’s relationship with religion is that he has turned that speech into a political flag, which makes him a populist

Gil Olmos, author of the book “The pastor of the masses. AMLO: a populist religion”

For Gil Olmosthis is just one of the examples of how Lopez Obrador puts rituals on the public agenda.

The specialist recalled that on his first day as president, Vincent Fox received a crucifix at a public event, Felipe Calderon nor did he hide his religious beliefssomething in which they resemble that of Macuspana.

“He is more attached to evangelism no way Adventist (Protestant religion) because the school where he studied primary school was of this type and he has said that he follows the Christianitybut Jesus sees it as a social political leader since he makes many references to the Bible“, said.

In August 2019, the federal government reached an agreement with a group of evangelical churches to distribute the Moral Primera document with which he intended to combat inequalities and insecurity based on the change in society’s values.

“Our proposal to achieve the Renaissance of Mexico seeks to make reality progress with justice and promote a way of living based on love of family, neighbor, nature, country and humanity“, says the presentation of the Primer, written by the president.

Gil Olmos pointed out that The problem with López Obrador’s relationship with religion is that he has turned that speech into a political flagwhich makes him a populist.

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Andrew has made use of religion in this case, the christian gospela message for electoral political purposess since it started as social leader”, he concluded.


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