Students from schools without damage from Hurricane Otis in Acapulco will return to classes – El Sol de México

The Secretary of Education in Guerrero announced the reactivation of classes in the municipalities of Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez for the schools that are not damaged that put at risk the physical integrity of students or teachers, plants that have damage They will remain without activity for another week.

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On October 24 and 25, Hurricane Otis generated devastation of great magnitude in the port of Acapulco and the municipality of Coyuca, the strong winds and rain left damage to 336 school buildings that so far have not been able to be used.

In the tours that workers from the Ministry of Education have taken through the damaged schools, they established that there are many that can be used because They have no damage or are very lightthese schools should be open next Tuesday, November 21, once the long weekend ends.

“Classes and administrative activities are reactivated, this November 21 of the current year, in schools whose facilities do not represent any risk to the educational community, at all levels of the public sector.”

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The decision of return to classes or remaining on hold will have to be taken by the school directors who will have to call the parents to inform them of the decision and, if necessary, make agreements to involve the parents in teaching tasks.

The Ministry of Education called on parents, teachers and all workers to come and carry out cleaning tasks in educational establishments and thereby contribute to soon being able to open all schools.

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“Public servants from the SEG, sector heads, Supervision and managers are instructed and working teachers, mothers and fathers, and young students are invited to carry out cleaning tasks in schools during that week, to generate the conditions back to school”.

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