Susana Zabaleta explores her salsa side at Lunario – El Sol de México

Susana Zabaleta appeared on the Lunario stage to close this year’s concert series, with “Sabor tropical”, a concept of dip where she was accompanied by Sonora Dinamita, Jorge Carmona and Danny Frank.

“La tirana” and “Veneno” began the repertoire. “This is the last one this year. All year round we have something thematic every two months, I thank these musicians who have done it,” said the singer. “You see how we women are, I understand you, that’s why I don’t hang out with any fucking old woman,” she added.

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That sarcasm and good humor was the common thread of the night, as she constantly joked with the audience or with one of the eight musicians who accompanied her in the first part of the show.

After reading a poem, he continued with “Two days in the life.” The soprano paused the show to get a better seat for a group of people who were sitting next to the stage, and did not have good visibility.

Before continuing with “Messages at Sea,” he applauded those who showed their solidarity with Acapulco, both civil society and the private companies that have provided support. “That’s what gives you hope. It is that human being who plants a tree knowing that he will not see it believe, that gives hope, those people.

“With you I learned”, “Kumbala” and “Amor y control” were then played, performed by the musician originally from Tepito, Jorge Carmona. “That was my participation, Susana Zabaleta couldn’t do more,” the musician joked. However, he accompanied her to perform “No me ames”, which even made them dance on stage.

Susana did not stop talking with her audience, and between each song she interrupted the musical part to read them reflections on friendship, love and heartbreak. These conversations were accompanied by some statements, as she did when referring to the murder of of the first non-binary gender jurist Jesús Ociel Baena. “You bunch of fucking homophobes,” she exclaimed.

Danny Frank arrived to sing solo “Who Will It Be?”, and immediately the singer returned to accompany him with “El gran varón.” They both joined Jorge for an extended version of “El remolino,” which he made some of those present dance.

The guests of honor, La Sonora Dinamita, arrived immediately. “I missed the chain” and “Let no one know my suffering” were the hits they performed alone. “The people who shout the loudest, I’m going to give them a bottle,” exclaimed one of the vocalists.

The musicians celebrated their friendship with Susana Zabaleta, who returned to the stage wearing a black dress with red sleeves, and sang with them “Qué bello” and “Macumba.” “She is a great friend, we love her very much, it is an honor to be here,” said the main vocalist.

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Among the audience was the singer Pancho Barraza, whom the soprano glimpsed in the distance, and asked for a standing ovation in her honor. “There goes the fucking Pancho Barraza. “Applause for him,” he shouted.

The show ended with “Piel canela” and “Oye”, in which the Sonora Dynamite He returned to say goodbye to the show with Susana.

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