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suzukithe manufacturer of japanese carsannounced that will replace free of charge computers and harnesses that have been stolenafter the owners reported the constant theft of the pieces, mainly in Ignis cars.

As this newspaper reported last September, Zamira Blasresident of the mayor’s office Iztacalcowas the victim of two computer thefts from his Ignis model 2022 in 15 days. The first was in Iztacalcoand the second in Coyoacan.

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Through social networks, users reported the increase in theft of computers from Ignis cars. A car’s computer controls the power and fuel system, which is essential for the operation of the car. vehicle. The cost of the piece at the agency It costs more than 70 thousand pesos, while on the black market or on Facebook pages its price is about nine thousand pesos.

suzuki toannounced through its social media platforms that it will replace the computers and harnesses that were stolen at no cost. The company confirmed to this newspaper that the program is underway, but did not respond to questions about the volume of requests.

“We know that There are few reported cases of computer theft (ECU) of some of our models and for these isolated cases, suzuki has implemented a backup plan for affected owners in which it will replace the computer completely free of charge. We greatly appreciate your help in spreading this news.with the aim of discouraging criminal activity,” he responded through a press release.

To access the repair, suzuki rrequires a copy of the complaint filed with the Public Ministry. He auto parts theft in Mexico City has registered so far in 2023 the highest figures in the last five yearsaccording to the investigation files opened for this crime.

July 2023 was the month with the most reports of theft of auto parts, since The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office initiated 949 files.

The affected person must also Fill out a form with your information and that of the vehicle and present your driver’s license. and ID official.

The Sun of Mexico went to the branch suzuki which is located in front of the Mexico City International Airport Mexico, at the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, and an employee mentioned that computers can take four to five months to arrive to start the facility in the vehicles.

The employee further explained that, Until now, there is a waiting line to access the computers what the company promises.

It took us five months to bring the computers. You have to train, because ahead of you there are 40 units waiting“, he claimed.

The employee said that, At the moment, it is unknown if Suzuki will apply a cost for excess labor to the user or if it will be absorbed along with the spare part.

In addition to free replacement, suzuki It also offers those affected another alternative: the purchase of a new vehicle.

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According to an internal bulletin addressed to directors, general managers, sales and spare partswill be taken into account the minimum purchase price and customers will have a bonus of 20 thousand pesos valid for the purchase of any brand model.

The value of your car will be calculated according to the current autometric guide, without deducting the value of the harnesses and the computer.. If you agree with the offer the dealer will make for your car, will be used to purchase a new Suzuki vehicle exclusively”, adds the replacement plan.

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