Taxi burned in Chilpancingo with a person inside – El Sol de México

Gunmen shot and set fire to a local taxi, while the driver was inside the vehicle, at the entrance to the Cumbres de Figueroa neighborhood in Chilpancingo.

The events occurred on the night of Saturday, April 15in the western part of the city.

According to reports, After 10:00 at night, a report was received of a vehicle fire in the Cumbres neighborhood, Therefore, a strong security operation was launched at the site.

Municipal firefighters arrived to attend to the incident, and they managed to put out the fire in the vehicle, which had already been completely consumed by the fire.

According to personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), The burned body of a person was found inside the vehicle, which was taken to the forensic medical service.

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Just on Thursday, an armed commando set fire to two urvans, within the public transportation base of the Chilpancingo-Amojileca route, in the Morelos neighborhood of the capital.

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