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Yucatán.- “It was around three in the morning when I heard them trying to open the door while I was sleeping, they pushed it, you could hear it clearly.”

Then they knocked on the door but there was no one, he describes in a firm and serene voice. Don Isaías Osorio Garcíanight custodian of the Dzibilchaltún archaeological zone, considered among the oldest (700 BC) in the Mayan culture settled in Yucatan.

With a slight smile that let out a hint of nervousness, Don Isaiah He comments that he sleeps on his hammock in a warehouse where there are several pieces of those that his ancestors carved, some are loose, others packed and there, in that dark and lonely place, between 12 and three in the morning, the tranquility became a nightmare.

Don Isaiah is completely alone on an area of ​​20 square kilometers and in the middle of 8,400 Mayan structures.

The custodian says that he has heard that they are running, that they move heavy archaeological pieces and even. “I have heard how they pass hands over the windows and make the glass squeak.”

They are the Aluxes who seem annoyed because there is a lot of movement in their lands

“And yes, they are angry, they grabbed me by the feet and neck.”

Stories of Aluxes in Chichen Itzá

Don José Antonio Cetz Cetina, night custodian of the INAH for more than 20 years in Chichen Itza, also tells stories about those small beings that wander at night taking care of cornfields and ancient cities.

His first contact with aluxes was when he was a child, remembers Don José.

“When we were children we played with them, we didn’t know they were aluxes because they were like us, some naked and others in Mayan clothing, but one day they took my sister.”

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“My mother was crying, it got dark and my sister didn’t show up. So, together they all went to look for an Xman (Mayan priest) and he told them that he was in a sascabera (cave).with happy face Cetz Cetinaa man who as a child lived in a hut among the structures of Chichen Itza.

“Now that I am grown up here in Chichen Being at night is another world, it is entering, going inside or being as if inside another universe, explains the man and adds, “here I have seen the Aluxes run, they have hidden things from me, they are mischievous, the most common thing is that they throw us stones, or throw dirt at us, or hide things from us.”

According to the mayan wisdom There are 13 aluxes that take care of Chichen Itza.

“This is what ancient people, grandparents, say. They say that there are 13 aluxes who take care of the archaeological zone and they have a boss who tells them what they are going to do or gives them permission to do things.”

But, what are Aluxes?

In various parts of the world there are mythological beings such as gnomes, goblins, elves or chanequesin Yucatán they are known as aluxes.

They are tiny, mischievous, child-like spirits that hide things. They are small, generally invisible creatures.

According to the ancients, the aluxes They were born from the mixture of mud with the blood and magic of the Mayan ancestral According to the

But its creators are often upset, because their lands are invaded.

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The custodian of Dzibilchaltún, Isaías Osorio narrates some of the experiences he has lived firsthand.

While resting in his hammock he suddenly woke up when he heard several noises.

Here on this side they grabbed my neck and others started running into the museum, you could hear the sounds.

“One grabbed me by the head and another by the feet.” “They had me grabbed and I started insulting them until they managed to let me go, then they started running.” Confident and even enthusiastic, he commented that he was not dreaming.

Can you see them?

“Their presence is felt like that of a human being but you don’t really see them, they are like air, you just hear how they knock on your door, how they pull the door, the window, I don’t pay attention.”

And he adds: “Several people told me to give them a little liquor, give them their cigarette, but others told me no because the day you don’t give them they will be more upset and that’s not the joke,” says Isaías. “I have their secret, you have to insult them so they stop bothering you.”

Meanwhile, the archaeologist Jorge Alberto Salazar Briceño, Head of Cultural Diffusion of the INAH in Dzibilchaltún, commented that there are so many experiences that now make it normal. “I have been alone in my office with the door open and they touch me, they throw stones at the windows, I hear strange noises.

“Normally you hear certain characteristic noises from the mountain, branches, birds, but there are completely different noises. Stones fall suddenly, whistles that are not from birds. Some crossings of very strong winds that, based on the experience my father had, said that this is the time to stop and not walk until the winds can stop.”

Explain that these winds are crossings, like times, and that at any given moment you can get trapped. They cause instability in your body, fever to such a degree that it was necessary to go to a doctor. xman” (Mayan priest) to heal you.

In Chichen Itza, Don José Cetz He explains that his night tours are done on a motorcycle, sometimes in complete darkness, sometimes illuminated by the Moon.

The aluxes have hidden the keys to the motorcycle from me and there is no one but me. I think it must be a prank, I don’t get angry and after a while they put the keys back in their place. It is something inexplicable

“We have seen them running, they look like children, because of that height they look like children of three or four years old, sometimes they run among several,” he reaffirms.

“Here, when they start to manifest themselves more strongly, they ask for food, they ask for drinks, their honey, their tobacco, you have to give it to them because if they don’t start to manifest, everything goes up.

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Whether legends or stories, from voice to voice these beliefs here in Yucatán are still valid, they are part of the roots and respect is paid to them, offerings are placed on them and permission is asked when someone wants to work on their lands.

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