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León, Gto.- In the mid-nineties herds small and big of goats, cows and sheep They died strangely in the Guanajuato countryside and in the rest of the countryEven in countries such as Chile, Russia, the Philippines and the United States, abnormal deaths in their animals were also reported. There could be several reasons, but from voice to voice the only culprit was the “Chupacabra”.

The first victims of the ferocious and anonymous beast They were found in Puerto Rico in the mid-nineties, from there the legend spread quickly in the Mexican country and later, it reached Guanajuato.

In the state every possibility that the creature did exist was denied. There are no people who have testimonies about it.

The origin of the Chupacabra

It was 1995 – Benjamin Radford, from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry in the United States, describes in an interview for the BBC – when Madeylen Tolentino, from Canóvanas, in the east of Puerto Rico, saw the Chupacabra. She would be the first person considered a witness to the existence of the murderous creature.

Although the shape of the Chupacabra was not clearthe different witnesses of the time They agreed that it had claws and fangsa silhouette similar to that of a human with four legs and dark skin without hair, like an alien. But Its existence was impossible to confirmthe researcher detailed that the alleged bodies located had DNA from dogs, coyotes, raccoons and fish.

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The same description was replicated by journalist Javier Alatorre on many occasions on open television in Mexico. Television coverage was extensivetheir cameras traveled from corner to corner of the country so the legend was rooted. When the animals were found dead, The owners claimed that the Chupacabra was the only culprit.but in Guanajuato, all cases were denied.

Guanajuato still heard of Chupacabras in 2023

In January of the current year (2023), in the municipality of Cuerámaro, Guanajuato, a rancher reported the death of 11 sheep and 17 more were injured. The breeder told El Sol de Irapuato that some were injured in the neck, others had had their brain mass removed.

The neighbors were surprised by the death, they said that the stray dogs were very noisy and on that occasion they did not make any noise.

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Although it took a while for the response to reach Armando, the owner, the livestock authorities informed him that the prints on his animals correspond to the claws of a feline the size of a lynx or larger. While the case was being solved, the residents suspected the return of the Chupacabra.

His other “appearances” in Guanajuato

In May 2019, in the community of Valencianita in Irapuatothey died 150 sheep from one day to another. The rumor spread quickly, the Chupacabra returned, the inhabitants said. Weeks later, the then Secretary of Agri-Food and Rural Development of Guanajuato said that the corpses of the sheep were analyzed and it was determined that The cause of death was intoxication. in the feeding process.

In August 2022, in Irapuato, the leader of the Ejidal Commissariat of Estancia del Copal, Guadalupe Zamora Ramírez, declared that they had lost 30 heads of cattle, goats and horses. The rumor pointed to the Chupacabra, but the same commissioner clarified that they were feral dogs from the countryside.those who were killing their animals.

Guanajuato Being considered the breadbasket of Mexico for 30 years, due to its high agricultural production, livestock also occupies a large place in the countryside, which is why sudden deaths of animals, few or many, are frequent.

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From nineteen ninety five, The Chupacabra appeared numerous times in the media as the alleged person responsible for the death of the livestock. in strange conditions, but its existence was never confirmed and the causes of death were due to known beasts.

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