The Cure will close Corona Capital 2023 with a flourish – El Sol de México

After four years without having set foot on stage in Mexico, The Cure gets ready to close as headliner the last of the three dates of the Crown Capital 2023.

It was on October 9, 2019 when the band headed by Robert Smith amazed the capital’s public for the last time in the Sol Forum, in a concert that had two encores prior to the final farewell. Before that night, in 2013, The Cure He engraved his name in the memories of his fans with a show worth remembering that lasted four hours, in which an earthquake was experienced.

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The presentations of Robert Smith and company have been marked for the Mexican public by the way in which they have been given, that is why the expectations about his next concert at Curve 4 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome they are very tall.

The visit will arrive within your “Shows Of A Lost World Tour”, which started last year. Thus, with Robert Smith commanding the ship, The Cure will play their most emblematic songs with a lineup made up of Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’Donnell, Reeves Gabrels and Perry Bamonte.


Although it will always be a privilege to see a historical band like The Cure on stage, one of the biggest attractions of the current tour is the launch of a new record material. Have passed 15 years since the last studio album of the group, “4:13 Dream”, and since it became known that The Cure was returning to the studio, fans began to have high expectationsgenerated in the same way by statements from the members of the group.

“It will be worth the wait. I think it’s the best thing we’ve done. Many songs are difficult to sing and that’s why it’s taken me a while,” Smith said in 2019 during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Likewise, in the summer of 2020, Roger O’Donnell told Classic Pop Magazine: “Four years ago I said to Robert, ‘We have to make one more record.’ It has to be the most intense, saddest, most dramatic and emotional album we have ever made. He accepted. Listening to the demos, it’s that album. “I think everyone will be happy with it.”

Songs of a Lost World” is the name of the new musical album, of which some songs have been previewed since the beginning of the year during the tour concerts. Although the public has not been able to enjoy the official release of the album, it is true that some of them have been repeated in the presentations and therefore, there is a high probability that they will be played in the Crown Capital.

Among those songs highlighted are “Alone”, “And Is Forever”, “I Can Never Say Goodbye”, “Endsong” and “A Fragile Thing”, which in total make up five of the 12 songs that the vocalist has confessed will make up the album. album.

On the other hand, in addition to the unreleased songs, The Cure will arrive in the Mexican capital with the impetus of the re-release of “wish”, released in 1992 and last year presented its remastered special edition corresponding to its 30th anniversary.


The music that The Cure has created has marked an era, leading them to be considered one of the most influential bands, traveling through a vast universe of genres. Since his debut with “Three Imaginary Boys” in 1979, those originally from Crawley, England, fit the taste of fans of the alternative rock and of gothic rockwhich Robert Smith and his companions were also introduced to through fashion, clothing, makeup and hairstyles.

However, the passing of the years brings changes and although the essence of The Cure was always there, by the arrival of the 90s, some of the songs from “Wish” such as “Friday, I’m In Love” distanced themselves from the darkness of the post-punk conceived up to that point.

Despite this, The Cure managed to maintain their bases, gaining an audience that did not abandon them despite their ups and downs among the melancholiathe pop elementsthe psychedelia or even the jangle pop, new wave and post punk. Proof of this was the integrity with which the album was composed.”Greatest Hits” from 2001, whose cover featured an iconic photograph of Smith with open palms.

“I think people look up to us, even if they don’t particularly understand the music. It sounds very cocky, but it’s not about me, it’s about the band. We have stayed true to ourselves. If you’re in a band, you realize how difficult it is. “I think people admire our tenacity,” Robert Smith told The Guardian in 2018.

The must-sees for Corona Capital

He The Cure repertoire It is broad, both in numbers and rhythms, but the favorite pieces remain. Proof of this is that during the previous dates of “Shows Of A Lost World Tour” there have been unchangeable themes. To next, some of them:

“Pictures Of You”: Included as a single on the 1990 album “Disintegration”, composed after Smith He will find a photo of his wife inside a wallet, after a fire in his house.

“Lovesong”: Another single from “Disintegration,” considered The Cure’s quintessential love song, with simple lyrics that catapulted it to, at the time, the band’s most popular song in the United States.

“Lullaby”: Song that portrays Robert Smith’s addiction past through metaphors, also popular for being the owner of one of The Cure’s most iconic music videos.

“Friday I’m In Love”: One of the songs that was most contrasting to the gothic side of The Cure, which became the face of the album “Wish” and that, thanks to its infectious rhythm, was the most popular song of the album. repertoire of the group for a long time, being a cornerstone of the repertoire to date.

“Boys Don’t Cry”: One of the singles with which it all began, ahead of its time for bringing male fragility into the conversation. It was included on the debut album “Three Imaginary Boys” in 1979.

The Cure will close one more edition of Corona Capital next Sunday, November 19 at 11:00 p.m., with a show from the event’s main stage.

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