The director of the Acapulco Road Police is murdered – El Sol de México

The director of the Acapulco road police, Eduardo Chávez, was shot to death by unknown subjects when he left his home located in the Fifth stage of the Infonavit Alta Progreso.

According to local residents who reported the violence, The police chief was attacked by individuals who surprised him when he was leaving his home located in the Infonavit high progress neighborhood in the fifth stage of Acapulco.

The events occurred around 9:15 a.m. according to the report of the Public Security authorities who arrived at the scene.

Neighbors alerted authorities to firearm detonations Elements of the National Guard and state and municipal police arrived in the area.

The director of the road police, Eduardo Chávez, was found dead at the scene. who received several gunshot wounds

Experts of the State Attorney General’s Office carried out the corresponding procedures and after that, they transferred the body to the facilities of the personal forensic medical service of this area of ​​the health secretariat.

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Several shell casings were located in the area. of firearm with which they deprived the life of the director of the Highway Police.

Eduardo Chávez held the position of director of the Road Police in Acapulco for the second time.

Note published in The Sun of Acapulco

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