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The eventual candidates in Morena to compete for the nine governorships that will be in dispute next year still cannot be seen safely on the ballot because, as has already happened in the past with the nominations of the Guerrero Felix Salgado Macedonio and the Michoacán Raul Moron, the National Electoral Institute could still make some changes that would move the board. The presiding body Guadalupe Taddei still has to review the distribution made by the party of Mario Delgado of the spaces, since not everyone in the General Council was convinced that the parity agreement had been effectively complied with.

Specifically, the appointments in Guanajuato caused rarity, where the deputy was appointed Alma Alcarazand Jalisco, the entity to which it was decided to send the legislator Claudia Delgadillosince the INE guidelines to the letter said that women would have to be nominated in states where the party was competitive.

All measurements, public and private, place other political forces far above Morenoism in both squares. In the first, the PAN and its opposition alliance have an advantage regarding the so-called fourth transformation. In the second, the Citizen Movement and its candidate Pablo Lemus They emerge as favorites among the electorate. In both positions, although it was very difficult to win the race, there were men who were more competitive for Regeneración Nacional and guaranteed a higher voting rate. Ricardo Sheffield for the first state and Carlos Lomeli for the Jalisco entity; Even so, they would have been left off the board to allow the appointment of male candidates in other states where the 4T is competitive.

Specifically, it is Tabasco where they appointed Javier May; Puebla in which Alejandro Armenta will be the candidate, and Chiapas, which against all odds it was decided to send to Eduardo Ramirez to the contest. That is the scenario that the electoral authority must still review and, later, decide if it will remain as the National Regeneration Movement defined it last week or if that party will have to make some changes to guarantee that women continue to access first-class public positions. level.


It is widely recognized that the relationship between Q4 and the business sector is far from friendly, despite the efforts of business leaders such as Paco Cervantespresident of the Business Coordinating Council, when presenting a speech of collaboration and fraternity.

In this context, Mexican businessmen of Jewish origin are among the most scrutinized and documented, and are also one of the least favored groups by the current administration.

According to information leaked to various media outlets, the Financial Intelligence Unit, under the direction of Pablo Gomezand the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, headed by Alejandro Gertz Manero, they would be investigating several businessmen from this group. Among them are the family El-Mann Arazileadered by Max El-Mannwho disbursed two billion pesos to the federal government claiming to have no relationship with the notorious Infonavit fraud during the administration of Alejandro Murat.

Another case under investigation involves the family Zaga Tawilof Telra Realty, who could have been affected by the El-Mann or be supposedly responsible in the Infonavit case.

The family Kabbazbelonging to the Danhos Group and linked to various real estate scandals in Mexico City, is also on the list of businessmen under investigation.

Jack Landsmanas, known for changing his last name, from Corporativo Kosmos, stands out as another businessman under scrutiny. We’ll tell you.

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