The super descendants promotes self-love through animation – El Sol de México

To be someone super, you don’t need to have superhuman strength, speed, laser vision or some extraordinary power; It is enough to exploit your own skills and abilities to use them to achieve a greater good.

That is the main message of the Norwegian film The super descendantswhich addresses the history of Hedviga girl with very few sports skills, but with great technological skills.

The destiny of humanity is in the hands of Super Lion, a hero who solves the problems of the community where he lives. Although he has done an impeccable job, according to the testimonies of many who benefited, the future of this superhero will take a turn after his suit accidentally shrinks.

This outfit has been passed down from generation to generation, so the legacy of Super Lion will lie in the hands of the little one Hedvigbut her work will not be as she expects.

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This is how the plot of this Norwegian feature film unfolds, which was released last year in its country of origin and is premiering in Mexican cinemas.

The strength of family ties, understanding that each person’s destiny is different and promoting the power of women in the face of certain problems are some of the messages that the film directed by Rasmus A. Sivertsen and featuring the voices of Erika also addresses. Ugalde (Hedvig), Diego Becerril (Adrian), Dafnis Fernández (Super Lion) and Magda Giner (Grandmother) in the dubbing.

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