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This Thursday morning the death of Thelma Dorantesa Mexican actress known for her extensive trajectory in the small screen, mainly in programs like ‘The Rose of Guadalupe’ or ‘As the saying goes’ as in different renowned soap operas and some movies.

The news of his death was confirmed by the X account, formerly Twitter of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI), in which they regretted his departure and they remembered her for some of her participations, such as the one she had in the melodrama ‘Fire in the blood’, which was released in 2008.

This is how different people have sent their condolences entertainment journalists, colleagues and other members of the entertainment industry. At the moment none An official source has confirmed the cause of his death, although it has been said that he allegedly died due to medical complications.

Who was Thelma Dorantes?

She was an actress born in Mexico City in 1948 who managed to have aa career of 40 years, His debut was in the movie ‘Alarm cases’, in which she played a saint. Although her best-known roles are those she played on television.

In this case, one of their first collaborations was in the ‘Triangle’, which marked his entry into this industry, since he still had roles important in comedy when he passed by ‘To the right and to the derebez’, which gave him national fame.

His work started in the theater, in which he managed to have a good career with different stagings. However, over time began to have the opportunity to be in unitary shows.

His career on television

It was like this in several interviews revealed that they discovered that being in this type of programs was what they liked the most, so they went back popular for being in different chapters of ‘The Rose of Guadalupe’, some examples are ‘The harvest of women’ or ‘The Swan in the Pond’.

It was the same in ‘As the saying goes’, ‘Woman real life cases’ or in programs like ‘A family of ten’ in which she gave life to ‘Ricky’s’ mother or in ‘Güereja of my life’ as ‘Safe Lamentations’.

In the case of novels, some of the best known were ‘My heart is yours’, ‘Zacatillo, a place in your heart’, ‘Class 406’ or ‘Small town, big hell’. As for cinema, he was in ‘The Perfect Couple’ or ‘The Shameful’.

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Some of the famous people who have said goodbye to her are Laura Zapata, Ana María Alvarado, and Pepillo Origel, who reacted sad at his departure and hope that their families will recover from the loss.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla

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