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A total of 14 subjects who four bodies were transported in a van and were arrested On the border of Tamaulipas, the lifeless bodies were discovered when they were involved in a clash with military units.

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The fact was confirmed this Thursday by the Tamaulipas security spokesperson, Jorge Cuellar Montoya, who stated that “they arrested 14 people belonging to a criminal group that “They were transporting four lifeless bodies wrapped in blankets in the trailer.”

He specified that of the bodies “none are foreigners and none are from Tamaulipas, some from Nuevo León, others from San Luis Potosí and the investigations are in progress, all the procedures that the protocols establish.”

Everything indicates that this event was recorded on Monday, November 13, but it was not until this Thursday that the official confirmation and investigations into this matter were given.

Cuellar Montoya indicated that the investigations into this fact continue to be carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of Tamaulipas (FGJT).

“This happened while elements military “They carried out an escort service for Pemex personnel on the Miguel Alemán highway to Los Aldamas,” he said in a press conference held this Thursday.

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Near the town of Los Treviño, the military reported that they had suffered a vehicular accident involving a Chevrolet Silverado truck, so the elements descended to provide first aid to the people traveling in the unit.

In the review they realized that in the trailer transported the corpsesinitially speculating that they were migrants, which has already been ruled out.

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The spokesperson specified that in this regard, “all the procedures established by the protocols are developed. This is carried out, as provided by law, by the State Attorney General’s Office.”

Originally published in The Sun of Tampico

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