They arrest an alleged suspect involved in the homicide of “El Tiburón” in SLP – El Sol de México

The State Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCE) reported that this Wednesday afternoon They were arrested in the Morale neighborhoods, in the capital of Potosí, Tree men for his alleged responsibility in crimes against health in the form of drug possession, as well as carrying a firearm.

The agency explained that One of the detainees, Juan L., 24 years old, could be related to the homicide of Fernando N., alias “El Tiburón,” occurred on March 11 outside a gym in the capital city.

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Also, the Secretariat reported, Willibaldo, 66 years old, and Jorge A., 47 years old, were under arrest.

These people were traveling aboard a Ford brand car in gold color with tinted windows, and Upon noticing the police presence, its driver adopted an evasive attitude and increased speed with the intention of fleeing.

The officers, according to the report, stopped the unit and, when conducting a search of its crew members, they were found several doses of apparent “glass” as well as a .40 caliber firearm.

The three subjects stated belong to a criminal cell, Therefore, the SSPCE reported, it will be thoroughly investigated whether they have pending accounts with the justice system, whether local or federal.

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