They celebrate the birthday of Melenie Carmona, daughter of Alicia Villareal, with the family – El Sol de México

Without planning it, the cast of the new Televisa reality show, “Juego de Voces,” celebrated the 25th birthday of Melenie Carmona, daughter of Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmona.

The production surprised Melenie with a small cake during lunch time. The twenty-year-old looked happy at the surprise, blew out the candle and made a wish.

The celebration was attended by some special guests, executives and producers of the San Ángel company and the artists Mijares, Érik Rubín, Isabel Lascuráin, Alicia Villarreal and Eduardo Capetillo, along with their respective children, Lucero Mijares, Mía Rubín, Joss Álvarez and Eduardo Capetillo Jr.

It was a very brief meal, since the famous people with their descendants had to return to the television forum to continue recording the program that will premiere on the Las Estrellas screen next Sunday, at 9:00 p.m.

It is a competition between parents and children. It will be divided into two teams, the largest will be the “Consecrated” and the young “Heirs”.

In each broadcast they will face each other with the objective of adding the maximum possible points and, in the end, getting the prize of one million pesos.

However, this money will not be for the participants but will be donated to a specific foundation.

“The original idea is from Marcelo Strupino, who has been in charge of projects like ‘Parodiando’ and ‘Pequeños Gigantes’, a genius of television and now I have the pleasure of being able to produce and the only thing we did was bring it to life to this great idea. The only task was to find how to make a very good format that entertains the whole family, that’s the joke,” producer Eduardo Suárez said in an interview.

In the premiere program they will have Gloria Trevi and her son Ángel Gabriel as godparents, where they will sing their recent single “Celos”, which is already available on platforms.

“We were no longer going to have more guest personalities because we already had big stars, with that we had plenty and we had a lot, however in this competition that has been taking place, they themselves are asking to invite others to help them in the challenges and we are fortunately, filled with many stars who have wanted to collaborate within the program,” said the producer.

“Juego de Voces: De tal palo, tal astilla” premiered on Univision on April 7, but, even without starting in Mexico, it has already generated controversy thanks to the statements of Susana Rodríguez Cervantes, a designer who published a video on her Instagram account where he points out that Televisa and Univision have allegedly stolen his idea to make this program.

Rodríguez, who claims that she worked at Televisa for some years, assured that she was the one who devised this confrontation between famous parents and children. She presented the demo to the company under the title “Of the same Wood. The DNA of the famous”, in May 2023. She said that she did not receive a response from the television station, but that some time later she saw the program announced.

Given this situation, the producer is unaware of the statements and doubts that the company is involved in something like this.

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“I haven’t seen it, but it seems very strange to me. Marcelo has developed thousands of formats for the company, it would seem very strange to me if it were like that, I don’t think Televisa would do that. I don’t even know where it comes from, it would be impossible for me to have that happen,” he emphasized.

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