They close a property that could be related to water contamination in Benito Juárez – El Sol de México

He Administrative Verification Institute of CDMX (Invea) closed during the night of Tuesday, April 9, a additives and pigments laboratory for plastics “Grupo Labradoe”, located at number 215 Giotto Street, in the neighborhood Alfonso XIII.

According to members of Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protectionan anomaly was detected on the property that could be related to the water contamination from the well located less than 200 meters from this laboratory.

Authorities pointed out that an accurate diagnosis cannot yet be givenbut they explained that all the companies chemicals, paints and solvents located between the area of ​​Alfonso XIII, in Álvaro Obregón, to the affected colonies of Benito Juárez are being reviewedwith the objective of identify the source of well contamination.

“With the places closed we still cannot issue information“It is Invea and other entities that are carrying out these reviews, but we are reviewing businesses dedicated to the manufacture or sale of chemical substances and studying whether they have not poured them into the drain,” commented a Civil Protection worker.

Although the closure occurred at night, residents of Alfonso

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