They denounce 64 mayoral officials in CDMX for harassment; Cuauhtémoc, in the lead – El Sol de México

Cuauhtemoc, Iztapalapa and Tlalpan Are the mayorships with more public officialsmanagers and workers reported for sexual harassmentaccording to the Comptroller General of Mexico City.

Through a request for transparency, The Sun of Mexico obtained the figures show that the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office concentrates the largest number of public officials accused of harassment, with 14 complaints, followed by Iztapalapa with 11 and Tlalpan with seven.

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As is the case of Elvira that has been harassed and harassed through messages by a public official mid-level mayor Tlalpan.

“She is the partner of a colleague from the office, I had a situation with one of my children regarding a school issue and the colleague offered to help me through it. She tells me: ‘if you want, I’ll tell him to give you his hand,’ that was the way we started to have contact,” she explained.

The 33-year-old, who asked to be named differently to maintain her anonymityhe said that For three months she has had to live with her attacker for fear of reporting.

“One night he sent me a message WhatsApp where the man told me what I would be willing to do so that he could do me the favor that I needed but that his partner would not find out, and I told him that I had nothing to offer him other than money. My answer could have been different or perhaps at that moment cut short, but the truth is that I I really needed that favor”, he highlighted.

From that moment Elvira received various messages where the official He harassed her by telling her that “he liked her a lot.” and he summoned her to his office.

“The favor I finally needed I solved it another way, I stopped having contact with this man, but after a while he looked for me again by message. I spent a long time thinking about what to do because he has a reputation as a powerful man and honestly I was afraid to report and that could affect me or my son who I take to work,” he highlighted.

The comptroller’s office details that the mayors with the most complaints that follow by sexual harassment are Álvaro Obregón with six, while Coyoacan, Xochimilco, Cuajimalpa and Gustavo A. Madero They record the same number of legal proceedings with four.

The Comptroller General reports that 2019 to 2023 the 16 mayors of Mexico City sum 64 complaints of sexual harassment.

On May 29, it was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) the constitutionality of Law 3 of 3 against violence which seeks that no violator, alimony debtor or sexual harasser holds any public office of popular election or is an official in the three orders of federal, state or local government. However, there are seven states that have yet to reform their local legislation, including Mexico City.

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The activist and feminist Yndira Sandovalpromoter of the Law 3 of 3he explained in an interview with The Sun of Mexico that The Law can now be applied in any of the public bodies, even in the cases of harassing public officials in mayor’s offices. He highlighted that the mayors, the central government and the judiciary can already apply it because they are not governed by electoral times, which would imply the suspension of the rights of the harassing officials.

“It’s a matter of suspension of rightsit is not even a matter of dismissal and a punitive issue because 3 out of 3 is deterrentFurthermore, it is not only about debtors pensionis about perpetrators of violence in the public, private and institutional violence”he added.

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