They give preventive detention to the alleged murderer of Ismael Villagómez, photojournalist of the OEM – El Sol de México

A control judge gave preventive detention from twelve months to Carlos Miguel “N” for his alleged participation in the homicide committed against the photojournalist Ismael Villagómez Tapiaworker of this journalistic house.

The initial hearing was in room 16 of the judicial city, of the criminal case 6380-2023, where it was decreed legal detentiontest data was presented and said caution.

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The defending argued that the detention It was a non-legal act and the immediacy was not met, to which the Judge Javier Ortiz He considered it to be legal.

The piece of evidence that led the agents to the arrest was that in back seat of the vehicle where the photojournalist was killed, a cell phone was foundwhich was unlocked and in which there was a photograph of the detainee with the firearm and a photo of his identification.

“I didn’t shoot him in the robbery of the Uber“was the expression of Carlos Miguelupon seeing the agents, who according to the authorities found him a cell phonebelonging to the victim.

The bonding audience or not to process was scheduled for next November 24, a time in which social representation and defending will gather the evidence and tests.

Ismael Villagomez, He was buried last Saturday afternoon in the San Rafael Pantheon from this city. The criminal case in which the accused mentioned at the beginning is being prosecuted is that he is identified as the one who fired his firearm at “The Tiger”, as he was affectionately nicknamed by the journalistic union.

At the beginning of the audience The judge carried out the review of the detention, which was classified as legal. Therefore, we proceeded to give way to accusation of crime against the processed, for which the facts that are attributed to the accused were read.

Within the reading of the facts, the judge stated that the accused Carlos Miguel “N” was in the company of two other people and that they had hired the services of the now deceased in his capacity as driver of the digital platform Driverand they asked him to take them to the border colony of this city, saying that when they arrived at the destination they asked his victim to give him his cell phone and he refused, so the alleged murderer took out a gun squad type and shot him in the back of the head, depriving him of his life and proceeding to take his cell phones. Ismael Villagomez.

The judge continued reading the accusation and It then gave way to describing and evaluating each of the evidence offered by the Public Ministry; the defendant accepted from the outset responsibility regarding the death of a photojournalist from El Heraldo de Juárez.

Then the word was given to the public prosecutor agent who said, among other things, that the arrest of Carlos Miguelwas recorded after an unlocked gold phone was found in Ismael’s car containing a photograph of the now accused wielding a weapon, apparently with which Ismael was killed.

It was also found inside the cell phone, a photo of Carlos Miguel’s voter card, so they went to look for him at the address that appeared in said official documentbut it was his parents’ house and he was not there.

As part of the search that was carried out, the whereabouts of Carlos Miguel was found, for which he was arrested along with the other two people.

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Meanwhile, the lawyer The defender requested that several tests be carried out because there were doubts about the arrest of Carlos Miguel.

During the audiencethe alleged perpetrator was charged with the crime of qualified homicide by the murder of Ismael Villagómez Tapia.

Published in The Herald of Juárez

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