They investigate a violent eviction attempt in the Buenavista neighborhood – El Sol de México

At least 24 families living at number 186 Carlos J. Meneses Street, in the Buenavista colony of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, were victims early Thursday morning of an attempt eviction by about 30 hooded men who, with firearms, mallets and machetes, forced them onto the street. These events are already being investigated by the capital authorities, said the Secretariat of Citizen Security.

One of the affected is Saraí Gutiérrez, who has been living in one of the departments of the property. She is the third generation of her family to live there, now with her 10-year-old daughter.

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The women He told El Sol de México that around 1:15 a.m., when everyone was asleep, he began to hear knocks in the entrance of the building and screams, so he tried to get dressed quickly, but before he finished the subjects They began to open her door with a sledgehammer and took her out along with her daughter and her pet.

“I approached the door, they broke the fence and the badge, I told them to just let us put on our shoes and we left, but I They threatened with rudenessThey forced their way in and pointed a gun at my daughter. She filled me with courage and fear,” Saraí said.

In images of video surveillance can be seen as dozens men dressed in black, with caps, face masks and balaclavas, forcibly entered the property. Some neighbors They ran and others were escorted, as was the case with Saraí.

On the street, those affected called 911, because although the hooded They shouted “eviction!”, they never presented official documents. After 2:00 a.m., police patrols Secretary of Citizen Security They arrived and the hooded men left the place.

“Around 30 people who said they belonged to a federal security institution entered the property to carry out an eviction without presenting documentation that authorized them. The SSC implemented a device, protected from property and informed the MP agent for investigations into the case,” the agency reported.

Although the inhabitants were able to enter their departments, they realized that they had stolen jewelry, money and other items, so they raised various complaints before the local Prosecutor’s Office.

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According to the inhabitants, the owners stopped coming to collect rents almost 20 years ago, so some initiated positive prescription lawsuits to get hold of the property.

In May 2023, the Power of attorney of the CdMx reported that evictions involve “a jurisdictional process via lawsuit and the person has to be notified; they in turn have to confirm receipt; if not, it is probably apocryphal.”

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