They open the door to protect the Museum of Ancient Toys – El Sol de México

He head of Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres Guadarramaassured that there is interest for the Museum of Ancient Mexico Toys (Mujam) be cultural heritage of the capital as requested its founder, Roberto Yukio Shimizu.

The president said that its administration awaits the site’s request to give cause. He recalled that weeks ago the Tianguis de El Chopo and the sonidera culture were declared heritage.

“We are attentive, if there is interest on the part of those who have this Toy Museum project, of course there is interest on our part“said Batres.

El Sol de México reported on November 5, which, according to Yukio Shimizu, The objective of the Mujam being heritage is that The collection of millions of pieces is a national archive.

Furthermore, he said, It will serve to stop the ant theft that the facility suffersinaugurated in 2008.

In the museum, located in the Doctores neighborhood, they are about 50 thousand toys exhibited from different periods.

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