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Multifaceted women and an entrepreneurial spirit… professionally established and in complete evolution, with a productive pace of life that allows them to meet their goals and objectives without neglecting their personal environment. This is how the bases of the coworking Midwife.

The project created by Paola Tabachnik, Bertha Pérez, among other members, it has been a space adapted to the needs of women for five years where they can work and develop their professional projects.

As part of the celebration of the fifth anniversary, a day of workshops and conversations focused on learning, creativity and relaxation for its community, collaborators and special guests in the facilities of its new headquarters in the Roma neighborhood.

“The idea is to inaugurate this new space with a series of experiences that pamper our community, help them promote or develop their entrepreneurial projects and get them to know the new way of working,” commented Tabachnik.

To start the day, the founder of Onze House, Alejandra Zacariaswelcomed with a class flow to strengthen body and mind. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed a coffee tasting by the hand of Sage Coffee to know colors, textures and natural processes to which the grains are subjected.

Subsequently, Vanessa Huppenkothencreator of The Face Methodtaught a face yoga class in which participants performed exercises with Gua Sha and ice to reactivate facial muscles and keep skin firm.

Both businesswomen described the new generation of women as “challenging, enterprising, adventurous, and daring,” they concluded. As a way to expand new relationships, the community clarified all its doubts about “mercury retrograde” with Paola Ezquerro in a pleasant astrology class.

Later, Pablo Gamboaexpert in interior designtaught the workshop “How to impress your investors with a spectacular table”, in which the participants used Pablo’s advice to set up a plate and centerpiece starting from the characteristics of a chair, being congruent with the personality and message of each entrepreneur.

Along with this activity, the artist Cecilia Maafs gave a workshop on drink and paint in which the participants captured a heart as a way of expressing their emotions through painting. For its part, the fine jewelry brand PAAR A workshop was held to learn about the process and care of a piece with pearls.

“It all started because of me. personal experienceI was looking for a place where I could work and at the same time not neglect my son, but when I realized that there were no places like that in the city, I decided to create one that responded to the needs of the women of today and at the same time created a community among themselves,” Tabachnik shared.

In its beginnings, the concept was intended for moms who wanted to continue with their careerbut after five years of being founded in Ural mountains (its first headquarters), the project is now aimed at all types of entrepreneurial women, “the doors are also open for all types of people who wish to work in a healthy environment and in which they wish to exploit their productivity without distinction,” Paola mentioned. .

Currently they have different locations: Condesa, Polanco, and Juárez. “Midwife It is a place of rental of shared work spacesprivate offices and a community focused on women developing professionally and personally in a balanced way, providing them with different tools to achieve this, through respect, solidarity and empathy where we contribute to common benefitsupporting women through connection spaces focusing on their well-being,” he added.

In addition to being a workspace, workshops, courses and classes are also taught to help them find and achieve a balance; They also offer amenities such as a playroom, food areas, pedagogical services, psychologists, even private meeting rooms and manicure services.

“The idea is to offer a space where they feel comfortable and at home; where they have all the facilities to work. All spaces have different amenities which adapt to the space, we also want them to develop and support them in their projects, among the community we spread their initiatives and products, it is a way to contribute to their entrepreneurship,” Bertha explained.

He added that, “working, being mother and at the same time entrepreneur“It does not mean making sacrifices, on the contrary, it is a lifestyle, and our purpose is to show that you can be productive, while being aware, in a single place where you will find everything you need to complement your objectives.”

Both entrepreneurs described the new generation of women as “challenging, enterprising, adventurous, and daring.”

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