They want a registry of Airbnb hosts in CDMX – El Sol de México

The government of Mexico City seeks to create a registry of hosts for hosting platforms such as Airbnb and Booking to guarantee safety and health standards in the properties offered to tourists, this was announced by the Secretary of Government, Ricardo Ruiz Suárez, when presenting the proposal to the local Congress.

The capital official reported that the initiative aims to regulate the obligations and responsibilities to which the bidders, as well as the users, will be subject to provide legal certainty.

“It will make competition fair with respect to those commercial establishments that, in order to offer accommodation services, must comply with obligations, such as hotels,” he said.

Ruiz Suárez commented that the objective is to create two registers: one of platforms to register the natural or legal persons that operate, intermediate or manage them.

The other, from hosts to have a registry of individuals and companies that offer tourists real estate for residential use. The two registers will be operated by the Ministry of Tourism.

In the case of hosts, Ruiz Suárez mentioned that those who register and meet the requirements will have a folio for one year, which they must display on the digital platforms in which they promote their hosting services.

In addition, he clarified that hosts will be able to register only three properties.

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