They welcome the new rector of the UNAM with protests demanding salary increases for teachers – El Sol de México

A dozen young people with a tarp that denounced the imposition of rector Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) protested before and during the ceremony that was held at the Antigua School of Medicine to demand redistribution to the university budget, fair salaries and job stability for subject teachers.

“Down with the salaries of the directors! Raise teachers’ salaries!” was one of the slogans of the members of the Committee for Reinstallation, that is, the group of young people and teachers who throughout the last year have demonstrated for salary improvements for the subject teachers at UNAM.

In front of the School of Medicine, the young people stood with a blanket that prevented the direct access of the university counselors, members of the University Board of Trustees, members of the Governing Board and special guests to the ceremony in the main patio.

With triptychs, the young people also protested “against the undemocratic imposition of Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas as new rector of UNAMcarried out by only 15 people who constitute the Governing Board, turning their backs on about 450 thousand members of the university communityto”.

The document demands the need for reforms the Organic Law of the UNAM that has granted this excessive power to the Governing Board for almost 80 years.

“We wish to make it clear that from the beginning of the management of Lomeli Vanegas “We will reinforce the fight to defend our rights as a university community, for the implementation of democratic mechanisms so that this is considered in decision-making and in the election of its authorities and in the fair redistribution of the university budget.”

Among their requests, those who identify themselves as students and professors of the Faculties of Sciences and of Political and Social Sciences, warned the new rector Lomelíwhich will continue with the legitimate demand for the reinstatement of academic and administrative workers unjustifiably dismissed, the reinstatement of students expelled for their political activity, as well as the improvement of working conditions.

They also requested that the Academic Personnel Statute be modified, job stability be guaranteed and the allocation of fair salaries to subject teachers and assistants who together make up 75 percent of the academic staff.

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At the end of the ceremony they left the place without any major setback and called on the university students to join their movement.

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