Thirty Seconds to Mars “landes” at the Corona Capital – El Sol de México

Mexicans waited almost five years to see Thirty Seconds to Mars live again, and the Corona Capital made their dream of enjoying their show come true. This reunion took place at the close of day two of the festival, which brought together 82,626 people in turn 4 of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

The group made up of Jared and Shannon Leto concluded the activities on the Corona Cero stage, where the space was insufficient to accommodate all the fans who came to see them.

Hits like “The kill”, “Beautiful lie”, “This is war”, “Attack”, “Up in the air” and “Seasons” sounded in the voices of everyone present. True to his adventurous style, Jared started his show by standing on the stage sign, jumping from there while performing “Walk on water.”

“Mexico is the best place to play in the world,” said the singer, who kept encouraging people, bringing the microphone to them and asking them to make noise. From the beginning, pyrotechnics, fire and black balloons that jumped among the people were the main elements of the show.

“I need to breathe some oxygen, I’m already a little old,” Jared joked, after performing “Rescue me,” because the smoke was too concentrated on the stage, preventing him from breathing properly. “Kings and queens” was another of the night’s favorite hits, and it was accompanied by a message of love for Mexico: “We love you,” he said on the screens.

“I have to tell you something, the Mexican audience teaches the rest of the world how to behave on a show,” Jared said. “Because they are a wonderful audience, I love them.” The show ended 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, but the party continued.

It should be remembered that the band had taken a break from music, because Jared focused on his role as an actor, but it was last August when they returned, with an album titled “It’s The end of the world but it’s a beautiful day”, the sixth of his career.

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For their part, Blur lit up the main stage with hits such as “Coffee and TV”, “Song 2”, “Terracotta heart”, “Barbaric”, “Beetlebum”, “Country house”. “How are they? We love them,” said Damon Albarn, vocalist of the group.

Tomorrow the presentations continue with the participation of artists such as The Cure, Pero Shop Boys, Noel Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers. The doors open from 2:00 p.m.

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